Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's 28-21 win over UCF.

Tom O'Brien Press Conference

On the game:
"That was a heck of a win for our team. I thought we had things under control until the freshman [Jeff Godfrey came in] with fresh legs. We had all kinds of problems. We got guys free trying to contain him and couldn't. We had dead legs and he had fresh legs. It was a tough night for us that way. The defense hung in there and a couple of big, big turnovers ended up being the difference in the football game. With that we are ready to head home because we have to play Thursday night and we are up against the clock."

On Audie Cole:
"I think it was a breakout game for Audie. We had seen him, but it hasn't materialized on the field. He did a great job. If we had to do it all over again we would have put him on the field and rushed him because Nate [Irving] was dead. Three or four times he was out of gas and couldn't make the play. We have got severe problems getting ready to play Thursday night thanks to the ACC."

On the NC State defense and special teams:
"They played great. They were fabulous until fresh legs came in the game. That kid [Jeff Godfrey] is a difference maker. We had trouble containing him and catching him. He caught us off guard early. We had a plan there at the end on the last drive, and we have to make the plan work.

"The only downside is the kicking game. We are miles away from being where we have to be. That is not very good tonight. Giving up the touchdown and then shanking a punt there at the end is bad."

Thoughts on defensive scheme and Jon Tenuta's impact:
"3rd down is what he does and that's pretty good. We played a little bit of 30-defense which Mike Archer brought with him from the Steelers more to help us blitz and get a lot of our losses there early. A lot of tackle for losses there which we haven't seen.

"It's one thing while you guys are all worried about us in the first game when you don't show anything."

Thoughts on UCF:
"They were picked to win their conference. That's a pretty dang good football team over there. A lot of speed, they've got guys who can make plays on both sides of the ball. We lose our right tackle in the first quarter and we're scrambling the rest of the game on offense."

"I think they answered the question if they can run the ball pretty well. I think the only bad thing I saw was Mustafa back there, right before the half when he put the ball on the ground, but he's going to learn from that.

"That will never happen again, right Moose? You've got it baby. I believe in you.

"We believed in him giving him the ball. Actually he made a great cut. All he's got to do is hang on to it."

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