PC: Rieskamp and Vermiglio Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jeff Rieskamp and Jake Vermiglio met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Cincinnati.

Jake Vermiglio

On the quick turnaround
"It's tough to get going because you just played a game Saturday but just the fact that it's an early practice too is a little rough. We started off a little sluggish today but we picked it up toward the end of practice."

On beating UCF
"It was a great win for the team and we're just looking forward to playing Cincinnati on Thursday."

On playing in the Florida heat
"It was humid, it wasn't super hot but it was humid. You could definitely feel the difference. It way way more humid than it was up here."

On the freshman running backs
"They both played very well. They are both young guys and both of them coming into a new system with Dean coming from the defense and Mustafa coming in as a true freshman. They've both done a phenomenal job of picking up the offense."

On the offensive line as a whole
"Our offensive line this year, we've got a chemistry that's a little bit different than the years before. We all spend a lot of time together, we hang out together and that helps a lot."

On the offensive line's eating habits
"We have a few buffet spots, wing places and Chinese buffets, stuff like that. There have been a couple places where we've come close to shutting down the buffet."

Jeff Rieskamp

"They are both shifty quarterbacks and an experience you can get prior to a game like this can help you out. Playing against the scout team, we have good quarterbacks but we're not playing against Russell. Having the experience the week before is going to help out."

On the defense's performance against UCF
"We are more aggressive. Everybody has a mentality that we have to get the job done and we don't want to lose anymore. We're just coming in and doing our thing."

On returning after his season-ending injury last year
"It's real uplifting and it feels great. Last year was agony having to sit and watch and not be able to be on the field, not being able to play, having to struggle through an injury. This year it just feels great and coming off the first win and coming into this week and having a really great win and now we have Cincinnati."

On the quick turnaround
"Maybe we were a little sluggish today but we had a long weekend, came back yesterday and when we practice it's Monday morning and it's real early. Not that that's an excuse but I think the tempo will pick up, it always does."

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