Wilson: We are Tough And Together

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Quarterback Russell Wilson met with members of the media following Monday's practice to talk about NC State's upcoming game with Cincinnati.

Talk about the quick turn around. It's a pretty tough thing to do.
"We've done it before, especially the older guys, myself and the coaching staff. The older guys have to lead and make sure everyone is on the same page and just get out here and work."

What is the toughest thing about the short week for the offense?
"Nothing really, you just have to get in there and watch extra film when you can. The main thing is just getting your legs back and working to get better."

Cincinnati plays with a fast tempo and in the preseason you talked some about wanting to speed up NC State's tempo. Do you see the tempo increasing? Are you playing as fast as you want to be?
"Definitely. You don't want to play too fast where you're rushing but at the same time you want to have a sense of urgency and play with a good tempo."

The passing game had some struggles Saturday night but the running game looked good. How important was that?
"It's a team effort, offensively, defensively and the special teams but the running backs did a great job, ran hard and made some good cuts. But you also have to credit the offensive line for making some good blocks and the wide receivers for getting down the field and making some key blocks too."

What's the key thing you will have to work on to correct those problems before Thursday?
"You have to credit UCF, they played really well. And we did too, it was a battle the whole game. We have to capitalize on some big plays here and there and keep playing the game one play at a time."

A win like that reveals some about a team's character. What did you see in that regard?
"It reveals that we are tough and together more than anything. This year we're really trying to be together and work together in everything and just keep fighting."

Was there film ready on the laptop for the plan ride back from Orlando? Did you get to enjoy the win?
"All the way on the plane until I fell asleep and got back home and then realize that we have to get ready for Cincinnati. That's the exciting thing about football, you play the next Saturday or in this case the next Thursday, so it's exciting."

Is a Thursday night game any more exciting than a Saturday game?
"No more exciting for me. A game is a game. The crowd may be a little bit louder. I know here they get pretty loud and hopefully they are all in red. It's definitely exciting but you have to treat it like any other game and get out there and do your best."

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