Depth Chart: NC State vs. Georgia Tech

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State has released its latest depth chart for the upcoming game against Georgia Tech. Notable changes include R.J. Mattes being listed as a co-starter at right tackle and J.R. Sweezy now starting at defensive tackle.


  • Redshirt junior J.R. Sweezy is now starting at defensive tackle.

  • Redshirt sophomore R.J. Mattes is now a co-starter at right tackle with redshirt senior Gary Gregory.

  • Redshirt freshman Sam Jones is now the backup at right guard. He had been the reserve at right tackle.

  • Redshirt freshman Duran Christophe is now the backup at left guard. He had been a reserve at left tackle.

  • NOTE: Redshirt sophomore William Beasley is no longer on the team. * - Indicates redshirted one season

    2010 NC State Depth Chart
    16Russell Wilson5-11/201Jr.*
    8Mike Glennon6-6/225So.*
    29 Dean Haynes 5-11/199 Fr.*
    33 Mustafa Greene 6-0/201 Fr.
    47 Taylor Gentry 6-2/250Jr.
    37 Donavon Counts 6-1/221Sr.
    Wide Receiver
    13Owen Spencer6-3/185Sr.
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180Jr.
    Wide Receiver
    5 Jarvis Williams 6-4/219 Sr.*
    15 Darrell Davis 6-4/211Sr.*
    Tight End
    84 George Bryan 6-5/265Jr.*
    82 Asa Watson 6-4/225So.
    Left Tackle
    70 Jake Vermiglio6-5/325Sr.
    78 Robert Crisp 6-7/312Fr.
    Left Guard
    64 Andrew Wallace 6-5/304So.*
    62 Duran Christophe6-6/287Fr.*
    53 Camden Wentz 6-3/296So
    67 Wayne Crawford6-3/303Jr.*
    Right Guard
    72 Zach Allen6-3/322So.*
    66 Sam Jones6-7/314Fr.*
    Right Tackle
    71 Gary Gregory OR6-4/325Sr.*
    79 R.J. Mattes6-6/303So.*

    Special Teams
    Place Kicker
    36Josh Czajkowski5-9/184Sr.*
    38Jeff Ruiz6-2/185Sr.*
    Long Snapper
    59Corey Tedder6-1/220Sr.*
    57Michael Maurer5-11/225Sr.*
    59Corey Tedder6-1/220Sr.*
    Kick Returner
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180Jr.
    Punt Returner
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180 Jr.
    Strongside Defensive End
    99 Jeff Rieskamp 6-3/245Jr.*
    94 Michael Lemon 6-4/274Sr.*
    Defensive Tackle
    90 Natanu Mageo 6-3/285Sr.
    91 Markus Kuhn 6-4/303Jr.*
    Defensive Tackle
    52 J.R. Sweezy 6-5/293Jr.*
    55 Brian Slay 6-3/290So.
    Defensive End
    97 David Akinniyi 6-4/262Sr.*
    11 Audi Augustin 6-2/256Sr.*
    Weakside Linebacker
    35 Terrell Manning 6-3/224So.*
    41 Dwayne Maddox 6-2/234Jr.
    Middle Linebacker
    56 Nate Irving 6-1/231Sr.*
    7 Sterling Lucas 6-2/238Jr.
    Strongside Linebacker
    42 Audie Cole 6-5/239Jr.*
    26 Asante Cureton 5-11/214Sr.
    Boundary Cornerback
    28 Justin Byers 6-0/183Jr.*
    37 Jordan Monk 6-0/184Jr.
    Boundary Safety
    27 Earl Wolff 6-0/201So.*
    25 Dontae Johnson 6-3/184 Fr.
    Free Safety
    30 Brandan Bishop 6-2/210So.
    31 D.J. Green 6-4/214 Fr.
    Field Cornerback
    20 C.J. Wilson 5-11/179So.*
    1David Amerson 6-3/185Fr.

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