O'Brien: Pack Focused On Georgia Tech

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game against Georgia Tech.

Tom O'Brien Press Conference

"It's always been a problem when we've played option football teams that they do a great job of holding the football."

"The biggest thing you have to do is not panic on offense."

"That's what they've had great success of doing."

"I think the most important thing we can do is focus on Georgia Tech. That's the only thing we've got control over right now."

"You can't be worried about what your record is going to be after the third game of the year."

"Certainly there is a lot more confidence in this football team being 3-0."

"We're not going to wear our arms out patting ourselves on the back."

"[Josh Nesbitt is] not only a good runner, he's a powerful runner. He runs through tackles. He's been in the offense now a couple of years so he's very comfortable."

"He's very difficult to get down."

"We'll go for quickness. We'll use Tobais Palmer and Bryan Underwood this week, just for the speed and quickness. It's very tough to simulate the speed of this offense and definitely the precision."

"We'll try to get as much speed at those positions as we can."

"They do a good job with their eligible guys."

"You've got to be really alert to who is who."

"Everytime they throw the ball it's a big play."

"We've played this before as coaches, but this football team hasn't. We have to do a great job on defense of recognizing what our assignments are."

"It's tough, physical football."

"You've got two different philosophy changes in your opponents. The 30, more and more teams are getting into some of these lineups."

"[RJ Mattes] was okay. He's certainly not the player he was before he got hurt, but that's to be expected right now."

"There's a couple of guys every year that show they have talent and can play at this level... can help us."

"[Jordan Monk has] been getting probably a third to half-time at corner. He was one of the factors that allowed us to move Dean Haynes over to offense which certainly helped the football team and helped us offensively. I think he has a really good understanding."

"William Beasley is no longer a part of the football team. He didn't uphold his... being a champion in the classroom or community part so he can't get on the football field."

"As I said before, when you're averaging 20 yards a completion that's a big-play, passing offense."

"Certainly we want to do that. The presnap and the post-whistle penalties are things we have to avoid."

"[J.R. Sweezy] is a good football player. He's got power and he has good speed and quickness for a guy at that position. We're happy for J.R."

"There are four defensive tackles and four defensive ends. They play... keep rolling in and out of the football game. They are doing a great job. It's going to be important, especially for those guys inside on Saturday to stay down and attack the line of scrimmage."

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