O'Brien: Tech has Tremendous Speed

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Virginia Tech.

Tom O'Brien Press Conference

"It's all part of them understanding where they are and how they got to this point... how they've got to continue doing what they've done this past month. If they don't, they are not going to be able to continue winning football games."

"The proof won't come until Saturday afternoon."

"I think Overgaard was doing a good job when he went down. It's cost us a little bit of depth because we're still short a guy and he's still fighting to get back in the play of things."

"R.J. is getting back. He sat out a whole year and is working his way back in... he's continuing to get better and I think his confidence grows now each and every week."

"When you play that offense your linebackers have to make plays and certainly your middle linebackers gets to play all three."

"He had to make those plays if we were going to be successful. Our best players have to play well. Our best player, Russell on offense, and Nate on defense, both played extremely well. When you have a team with still a good amount of youth on it, your good players have to play well and lead the way. Those two guys certainly did it on Saturday."

"Jon is a good coach, I don't think anybody is going to dispute that."

"Those three kids, in the way we play defense, are given opportunities to make plays, and they've made them. That's good for us. They have to make them or we wouldn't be having the success we're having on defense."

"I think so, but he's still got to continue to prove himself. That's one of those kisses of death. You're a Heisman Trophy candidate and have a bad game and you're gone. The best thing we can do is keep winning and he can keep completing passes."

"Jerry Petercuskie is the special teams coach. He talks with them."

"They are certainly not as good as Taylor is, but at least we've coached and tried to understand rush lanes and containment, those kinds of things that you have to try and do to be successful against someone like Tyrod."

"Nate was always a good pass rusher prior to his injury, but Manning and Cole are much better doing the things we asked them to do than they were a year ago because they have experience now and have grown up a little."

"You worry about your team and their mental outlook. There was no panic whatsoever. This team has been very resilient in a lot of situations. They don't get too high and they don't get too low. They just play the game of football, and that's what is good about them right now."

"We never expected to be up 17 points on Georgia Tech. As I said to them, 'this is where the game is probably supposed to be, a three-point game. Now let's go win it."

"I think Dana did a good job. He kind of settled Russell down."

"He gets the ball away quick. Sometimes it isn't pretty but that's one thing you want to do is make sure you get the ball away against these guys."

"You can overcoach the thing too. You've just got to stay in what you do and play the game."

"[Duran Christophe] is a big, powerful body. He absorbed some of those blitzes, he didn't get knocked back at all. He's a young kid that is learning the game. He certainly has ability. We've liked him from the time he's got here because he is that physical-type of player, strong player. I think he gained a lot of confidence on Saturday playing."

"He was the guy that stood out in preseason camp of making runs that you've seen him make the last couple of weeks. He's made those runs against our defense."

"This is a heckuva football team coming in... they are about five plays away from being a top five team in the country. They are probably a product of their own success in that they come back late Monday night after a game and have to play a James Madison team, and maybe one loss cost them two, but they are still a great football team."

"They look the same way. They have tremendous speed all over the field on defense. They can cover you and are going to challenge you. Bud Foster doesn't change much one way or another and being there the 20+years they are they just keep plugging guys in. They get better guys each and every year because of their success."

"This is a capable, could be top 10 football team we're playing on Saturday. This is by far the best team we're going to have played so far this year. It's not even close."

"The good news is that on the first of October we still got the same team, basically, that we started the first of September, which we haven't had in the past. Knock on wood, if we stay healthy and keep going, we might win a few more football games."

"All you have to do is take the guys you've got, put them in a position to win the game Saturday, and hope we can find a way to get it done."

"If [Jarvis Byrd] can get back, he hasn't passed all his tests yet to get back to full practice, he's back at least on the ground running with strength & conditioning, working to get back. If we lose a couple of guys and he's able to help, we're still not halfway through the year. There is still a lot of football left to be played. If he can help, and I don't have a point of no return for you right now because I haven't thought that far in advance, but there will be a point of no return where we'll just bite the bullet and say he's going to redshirt."

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