Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

ATLANTA, GA -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's 45-28 win over Georgia Tech.

Russell Wilson

"Offensively we played great. We stayed in the game, played one play at a time. We had our ups and downs but we kept battling and we have to credit our defense, they kept playing for us. It was a great game."

"It's definitely exciting. We still have a lot of work to do but we're definitely excited. We'll look at the positive, look the negatives and grow from them both. It's a great thing, it's a great situation for our school and our team in general."

Nate Irving

"It was tough but our coaches told us we had to step up and we did a very good job playing sound defensive football."

"It just felt good to be out there and take advantage of the second chance."

Mustafa Greene

"We had all the confidence in the world, we just had to go out and do it."

"I felt the team behind me just pushing me. I wish we could have kept going."

Dean Haynes

"Today was a huge day. Last week I played terrible. I had to show the coaches and myself and my teammates that I can bounce back and respond."

"We knew what we had to do. We went out there, drove down the field and score."

Earl Wolff

"We've been working on it a lot and Tobais Palmer gave us a great look. Coach told us before we went out there we better be faster because it's a faster game but with Tobais being real fast he gave us a great look every day."

"As a defense we're all real tight and we just talk and pull ourselves together."

Jarvis Williams

"It feels good. We're just going out there, practicing hard like everybody else. We know what we're capable of doing."

"As we win we're getting more motivated."

"We don't want to lose this opportunity we have going."

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