PC: Mageo and Mattes Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Natanu Mageo and R.J. Mattes met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Virginia Tech.

Natanu Mageo

"I didn't notice that until today, everybody is all hyped up. It's good for us, it gives us a lot of confidence."

"Going into summer camp we kind of new that we were a pretty good team. We just needed to prove it and we had to work hard to do that."

"We've just got to keep winning."

"It feels good knowing that when you get a stop your offense is going to go out there and score."

"It's exciting to play when you know that you're leading."

"We had some people that said we were going to be the same as last year. We've proved them wrong the last four games. We're not going to stop. We're going to keep doing that hopefully. We've just got to take it day-by-day."

"He's more of a better runner. He'll extend plays, he's more like Russell Wilson... he'll extend plays and throw the ball down the field, make big plays."

"I think we have a good gameplan for him."

"Our offense is like that too."

"I think our confidence has built every game."

"Nate Irving, that's Iron Nate. They are good football players. Sometimes when we make mistakes they'll cover up for us. It gives you that confidence that you really need... when you push the o-line back and then you'll know in the back of your head that the linebacker will come free and make the play. that's why i like those three linebackers in the backfield, especially leading with Iron Nate."

"There's still room for improvement. We need to try not to let the spotlight take away from our focus on the game."

"We've still got to maintain our focus."

R.J. Mattes

"I've got to go with what coach Bible has been preaching. He said, 'don't drink the kool-aid."

"We're not a bad team, but we're not as good as people are telling us we are."

"Nine months of rehab, it felt awesome. The whole time I was thinking about it."

"It's feeling the same and I love it."

"My dad, playing for UVA, he never liked the Hokies. I was a UVA fan growing up so obviously i rooted against them a lot, but I don't have a huge hatred for them. I'm at NC State now so it's not that big a deal."

"I knew I was going to be an offensive lineman from seventh or eighth grade. With my dad being a coach he was able to teach me technique and help me through things."

"He'll sit back there in the pocket and run around.. you've got to stay on your block."

"I just felt Tom O'Brien was a better fit for me. That's why I came to NC State."

"Obviously we embrace Russell. He's a great leader. He's always doing the right thing, always leading us in drills, always being the first in everything."

"Russell is one of those guys you love to be your captain. He knows what to do, he knows the right thing, he's not the stupid kind of guys who goes out. He stays in and does the right thing at all times."

"Russell is a special player."

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