Pack Offers Young

Defensive end Willie Young had an outstanding career at NC State, and he is now a member of the Detroit Lions. The Wolfpack is now in pursuit of Willie's younger brother, Avery, who is considered to be one of the top players in the 2012 class.

It is easier to list the schools that have not offered Avery Young rather than naming the ones that have according to his head coach Chris Davis. Find out why schools like the junior, who stands out to him, and more right here.

"It seems like everybody in the country that has seen Avery Young has offered him verbally," said Palm Beach Gardens Head Coach Chris Davis. "It is really easier for me to list the schools that have not offered him than to list the ones that have. Over 30 schools have offered and I think he likes the big three (Florida, Florida State, and Miami) in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina State right now."

"All of those have offered him and I would say the biggest school that has yet to offer him is Alabama. They do not recruit this part of Florida too much, but they might decide to recruit him. Basically, everyone that has seen him has offered him. He is special."

Coach Davis has been at Palm Beach Gardens now for a couple of years and he came from Lakeland High School, so he has been around some talented recruits. His top two offensive linemen there were the Pouncey twins who went on to star at Florida and Coach Davis feels Young is going to be better than those Mike and Maukice.

"Avery is very gifted and he is better than the Pouncey twins at this stage and that is saying a lot. Avery has great bend, he is a tremendous athlete, and he is one of those rare tackles that can do it all. We run traps, we run stretch plays, and everything that we do, he does well at. He can still work on his pass protection skills because we are a predominant run team, but we work with the slide protection, and he has the feet to do that well. He is just that true elite left tackle that everyone will want on their team."

Young is only a junior and he is already 6-foot-6, 285 pounds and he is built like a defensive end. Coach Davis said schools like him the minute they see him.

"He is one of those no-brainer type of kids and as soon as coaches laid their eyes on Avery, many offered him. He is bigger than an average defensive end, but that is what type of body he has right now and he moves so well. We have timed him in the 40 yard dash at 4.97 seconds and he has an 84 inch wingspan, so schools love that length and athleticism."

"You hear a lot about that true left tackle and what he needs to be able to do, well, Avery is one. You can hear about them and read about them and that is describing Avery in my opinion. He is just that guy that you want on your left side protecting your quarterback."

And the scary thing about Young is, he is only going to get bigger, stronger, and better as he prepares for his college career.

He likes the big three in Florida, his brother Willie Young played for the Wolfpack, and Georgia has caught his attention early. Young is interested in schools, but he is not getting caught up in the recruiting game.

"Recruiting it what it is and Avery knows about it, he knows he has offers, and he knows he is going to highly recruited, but he is a team first guy," said Coach Davis. "He has been great with everything so far and he has already shown us that he is going to be able to handle this. He will start looking at things a little more next year I think, but he is focused on our team right now."

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