Lemon: Pack Working Hard

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Defensive end Michael Lemon met with the media following Tuesday's practice and discussed the team's preparation for Virginia Tech.

What is the mindset of the team right now? NC State hasn't had a team be 4-0 for quite some time, what has that been like?
"We come out every day knowing we're 4-0, and we really want to be 5-0 so we come out and just try to work hard and get better at the things we do."

Have the coaches been any different? Maybe pushing you guys to focus more?
"They are pretty much the same. We kind of all know what we have to do now and we're really striving toward goals of being better than we were last year so we just come out every day and try to do that."

You guys faced Georgia Tech's option attack last week. How much different is it preparing for Virginia Tech's offense after being in assignment football mode all of last week?
"It took me a few snaps today to switch back, I was still in my Georgia Tech option mindset so when our offensive linemen came off and hit me in the mouth it kind of took me by surprise a little bit. Last week it was guys cutting and chop blocking and now they are coming straight at you. It's a small adjustment, but we're playing through it."

What kind of challenges does Virginia Tech present to you guys?
"They are a great team. Great quarterback, great running backs, just a great team all the way around. We'll have to work hard this week in practice and just run hard and make sure we're well conditioned and that we will be able to chase them around the field the whole day because that's pretty much what we'll be doing."

It's been a while since NC State fans have come to a game when the team is 4-0. What do you expect the atmosphere to be like Saturday?
"They'll be very, very pumped up for the game and come out to see us do well. Hopefully we can make them happy Saturday."

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