Wilson, Pack Preparing for Hokies

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Quarterback Russell Wilson met with members of the media following Wednesday's practice to talk about NC State's upcoming game with Virginia Tech.

Russell Wilson Interview

We're just focused on the team. We're focused like we have been the first four games, one play at a time, one practice at a time. That will help us be successful come Saturday."

"They fly around and they are aggressive. They like to bring the heat a little bit every once and a while. I think it's going to be a great game, and we're definitely excited about it offensively. I know their offense is great as well."

"I'm a very confident person, but I focus more on the team than myself. That's why I am successful on Saturday's, because of the team, not me personally."

"I wouldn't take it on the bus rides. I wouldn't want any UNC fans trying to take it from me."

"I haven't changed anything. Just making plays, I've been making plays since that game. I just have got to keep focusing on staying in rhythm and making plays at the right time."

"I know that I have a lot of confidence in myself and my talent. I know that when I really put my mind to it I can get better each week. There's something I can always get better at, and I'm always trying to find the little thins I can get better at, or the big things too."

"I know the offense really well... I have a real good understanding of the offense right now, especially with it being my third year playing."

"I'm extremely competitive... obviously I never want to lose, but I try to take it to another level. If something bad happens, let's turn it into a positive if we can find a way. That's the way I look at things, and I know that's the way the team looks at things as well."

"I'm happy for him. I know he's in a better place than I am right now. He can watch every game and not worry about bumping somebody to the side of him in a full stadium. I'm doing alright."

"They recruited me. They looked at me some. I never went to camp there, but they saw me play in several games in high school. I wasn't too far away."

"They never officially offered me. Baseball did, but not football."

"They looked at me at quarterback. They liked Tyrod Taylor, and Tyrod Taylor is a great quarterback. They got him and I decided to look somewhere else. I'm glad I'm here at NC State."

"I wanted to play quarterback, and I knew that's what I would be successful at."

"We're very similar players. He's a great thrower, great runner. He's a great competitor more than anything. That's what I see that's most similar in our games. He competes to the max every game, and that's a good thing. That's the way I play as well."

"We change it up. We go shotgun and under center. There's really not a preference for me. I like them both."

"We want to be really physical, that's the key to football, obviously. We're trying to get first downs... we have to be physical to be successful. That's a good mindset to have, to be instinctive, be physical, and coach O'Brien has done a great job of preaching that and talking to us about it."

"I feel like we definitely are together. That's the best thing... we're competing everyday in practice."

"They talked about that's how we need to play physical, be together and make sure we get first downs when it's necessary. That's a team effort."

"We've got a lot of great running backs. No matter who is playing running back I believe we're going to be successful."

"I was trying to get it to George. He was coming across the flat and my arm got kind of lifted up and it floated on me."

"He used to say there is a king in every crowd. I always kind of go to that. In terms of playing sports, there's always someone watching, whether it's a scout, a coach, whether it's fans, a young kid watching and trying to follow or imitate you. In terms of my spiritual life the Lord is always watching me. In terms of my social life my dad is always watching me now, and in games. Somebody is always watching what you're doing, and that's a good thing. My dad has always told me that. You can't do everything perfect, but try to do things the right way."

"I use my mobility to make plays happen, whatever that is. The defense kind of dictates that."

"More than anything I'm looking to facilitate the ball, get the ball to the wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs, the guys that are really special, the guys that can make the great plays down the field.

"I can obviously make some plays running the ball as well, but obviously I would rather give it to a receiver and let him make the catch, get the touchdown, first down, whatever that is."

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