PC: Bishop and Davis Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Brandan Bishop and Darrell Davis met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Boston College.

Brandan Bishop

"It was a disappointing loss, especially dominating the first quarter I think w did."

"I think we're going to learn from it, and I think we're going to bounce back pretty strong this week against Boston College."

"I don't know if we wore down. We had some breakdowns, definitely. Our tackling got pretty bad, especially in the second half. We had trouble containing Tyrod at times, so we've got to give some credit to them."

"I think it's all stuff we can get corrected, and I think we'll bounce back this week."

"You can never really take your foot off the gas, especially against a team as talented as Virginia Tech."

"When you have to contain a guy that can hurt you with your feet, it's always a headache."

"They don't try to get out of the pocket as much as some of the other quarterbacks we've faced."

"It's only one loss. I think we're going to handle it and bounce back. That's a credit to our senior captains, Nate and those guys."

"We have to stop the run first and foremost, try and get them in passing situations."

"I remember it being cold, and I remember their running back I think setting a record on us. I'm not sure how many yards he had, but it was way too many, and they beat us pretty good last year."

Darrell Davis

"Being the first time we lost this season it was a different feeling for everybody. I think it was a humbling experience."

"We've been winning this whole time. You kind of need to feel that so you can get back to work, not feel complacent... not get greedy."

"Defensively, offensively, and special teams, which is coach O'Brien's main framework. You've got to win all three phases and we didn't do that."

"It's not just on Russell turning the ball over with the three interceptions. The offensive line has to do their job. The receivers have to do their job. The backs have to block. Everybody has a job to do, and we've got to get back to doing our job."

"Nate Irving said something, I also said something. We've been here a while, three, four or five years. Guys in the past always haven't been positive in losing, pointed fingers, kind of did their own thing, went their own way. It's not always bad when you lose. You can look for something good in a loss."

"I have no preference on coverage. We work hard in practice against both."

"They are a very good zone coverage team... they have a good system. Our offense has to get ready, the defense has to get ready. I think we'll be ready to go that afternoon."

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