Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, NC -- Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following the Pack's win over Boston College on Saturday.

Tom O'Brien Press Conference

"We gutted this one out, this was a tough one for us. I think that we were heavy-legged, we didn't look like we had a lot of quickness out there. This was just one that I think we knew coming in would be a slug-fest because that's the way they play."

"All-in-all when you score as many points as we did and you score on offense, defense and special teams you had a pretty good day."

"It's our third blocked punt of the year, second for a touchdown. It's a good thing we are making plays on special teams. We want to have one special special teams play a game and were able to do it with that blocked kick."

"Mentally this team is learning how to gut it out, how to fight through some things. Make some things work even if its not our fastest day."

"We came in meaning to do it – we may throw it more if we have to. It's tough to run on those guys up front, they out-match us up front and we weren't getting anywhere running the ball. What are you going to do – you're going to throw the ball."

"Winning the third quarter – that's a goal that we have and we didn't do it well enough a week ago. We wanted to win the third quarter and go from there."

"There are still some things that we have to clean up, we are still a work in progress and we are going to continue to get better. We are going to have to get better if we are going to win."

"He averaged under four yards a carry after we put him in the record books last year – five touchdowns and 300 yards running – it was a much better effort by us on defense. That was the focus on defense to take away the running game and make them throw."

"We rotated DJ Greene in there, we rotated seven guys in there. I think it might say to you that we aren't totally settled back there in some spots."

"James Washington went in basically as the third-down back, he understands the pass protection better and he's been pass protecting much longer and he's good in the passing game. So that's his job right now for us and I think he can help those two young kids take a load off their shoulders."

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