Media Day: Sidney Lowe Press Conference

RALEIGH -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media during the Pack's annual media day event on Friday afternoon, discussing his new team.

Sidney Lowe Press Conference

"We're going to play the guys we feel can get us off to the best start. It might not be the top five players but it might be the best group as far as starting."

"I liked [Harrow] from the first second I saw him on the floord."

"There's excitement and as a coach that makes you feel good. That your fans our excited to see your guys. But the season hasn't started yet, we haven't gotten into the L's and W's yet."

"All of these guys we recruited – I know them. Nothing against the other guys but you've had a chance to get to know the personalities of the guys prior to them getting here."

"These guys are a little different. These guys really hang together, they do things together quite a bit. It's kind of different."

"Hopefully it will translate on to the court – that friendship and that support – when you are out there with buddy not just your teammate."

"You like the fact that they are confident – that's part of what makes them the players they are and will become when they have some experience. But this is different, they are going to be playing against the best players in the country in arguably the toughest conference in the country and a tough schedule that we have coming. The worst thing you can do is get opponents fired up before you even played them."

"They are talented but they are young. There is a learning curve."

"A couple of the guys we have are very good at anticipating passing lanes – Lorenzo is very good at getting a hand on balls, Ryan as well. Obviously CJ, he's long, he'll protect a little bit at the rim. It's the area we are working on, its the one area we are going to stay on because I'm hoping we'll be able to score enough points. It's going to be stopping people."

"I'm hoping to do less whistling."

"[Harrow] is going to make some mistakes. Hopefully they are early enough where they don't cost us a game or something – not for me but for him because I know he's going to wear that on his sleeve. That's how he is."

"I want them to run. That's what we've been trying to get to. That's what the personnel decisions, recruiting guys, that's what we're looking to do. Ryan, CJ, Lorenzo – that's when they are at their best. When they can get out and run."'

"We'll have some tough ones on [the out of conference schedule] each year. To give our guys that exposure, that experience – playing games that NC State is supposed to play. You want that national attention you have to go play those teams."

"Javi's role its probably gonna be different than before. We are going to have a chance to move him over to the two spot some where I think he can really be effective playing along side Ryan."

"[Howell and Smith] will play together a lot."

"Richard has been great. He's been the best front court guy we've had this summer. He's been the best one out. He's been above everyone else."

"The one thing that has been constant with the other two programs [Duke and UNC] is they've continued to get the top players. Now we are starting to get the top players. If you want to compete around here you have to do that."

"[Brown] seems to do something in just about every practice where you look at him and say ‘Wow.' He plays at – not a different speed or pace – but just smooth, very calm, very under control. But he's moving fast."

"We are going to approach this season with goal obviously. I can't predict what's going to happen because I can't say that I'm coaching this team any different because I think its an NCAA team."

"[Scott Wood] realizes that he might get a few shots without me having to call a play for him – which is good. What's good about it really is the guys that recognize it – Lorenzo Brown looks for Scott Wood."

"We haven't missed a [football] game. The guys go to the game, and CJ Williams is saying ‘These guys are setting the tone for us' – that's great."

"I'm going to have bend a little bit. The more you run the more chance you are going to turn it over. If you are turning it over one every three, four times down the floor then I have a problem. But I do feel that these guys are still better in the open court being able to run. As a coach you have to allow for them to express themselves and show you – they are either going to show you that they can do it or that they can't."

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