Media Day: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC - The 2010-2011 Wolfpack team met with the media for the first time on Friday afternoon during the Pack's annual media day.

Tracy Smith

"Zo, Ryan and CJ are coming in with high expectations – everybody thinks they are going to do big things. I've just told them to stay humble."

"Everyone is thinking he's one and done. I just told him to stay humble and if anybody asks you just say you are staying all four years at NC State and keep playing hard."

"We are going to be pretty good, we've got a good team."

"I'm going to step out a little more and do a little more driving and dribbling. I played the four in high school so its already built into me so you'll see a little more of that – not just me posting up with my back to the basket."

"I haven't made the NCAA Tournament since I've been here and that's one my biggest goals."

Ryan Harrow

"I know that I'm going to be playing against the best players every night so I'm just going to be focused and ready for the season."

"I can definitely create a shot for myself and other players. I think that we'll be lethal with me, Lorenzo and CJ on the wing with Scott Wood – we can drive and get it to the hole but if somebody steps up we can kick it out to any one of those guys and they can knock down the shot."

"It's always good to get attention but we are all a team – we can't get too big-headed. We have to share the limelight."

"CJ Leslie is a freak. He does everything."

Lorenzo Brown

"Ryan and I first met when we were seven or eight."

"We are extremely excited right now. We've been talking about this since we were young and we are finally here so we plan to make the best of it."

"We look pretty good as a team. We have our chemistry down already we are just looking forward to playing."

"Tracy Smith has been like a big brother to all three of us. Just to keep our head into it and play our game."

"I really couldn't watch TV last year but I was always hearing about the games. I was disappointed sometimes [not being able to help]."

CJ Leslie

"The only expectation you can have from us is to go out there and play hard – that's what we are going to do."

"We are doing it one step at a time. We just want to make sure we go on the court, gel and keep working hard. All the other stuff will come."

"It's very exciting – I never knew there were so many State fans. It seems like the giant has awaken – they are all pumped so we are pumped. We have the city behind our backs."

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