Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

GREENVILLE, NC - Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's overtime loss to East Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

Russell Wilson

"The second half was a real good second half, we just came up short."

"I'm trying to get in the end zone, its 3rd and 13 or whatever. It was a good play by the kid, I just missed it, just barely."

"We have to move on and just learn from it and get better."

"It's definitely frustrating, they are a good team, they are well coached on offense and defense. At the same time, we have to play better in the first half."

"We played well in the second half, it was a good game."

Jeff Reiskamp

"It's disappointing but we can't let this hinder us the rest of our season. A loss is a loss and we have to watch the tape and get better from it."

"We weren't disciplined enough to get up there and get the job done. No excuses, we just couldn't get it done."

"The stunts we were doing really helped us get to the passer faster and got better coverage."

"We lost and it's on us."

Jake Vermiglio

"We just need to figure out what was wrong, look at the film and correct it for Florida State."

"The bye week is nice, just getting more than one day off at a time. We can finally relax - you're legs need it obviously."

"We're still in position where we can win the conference and that's what we are trying to do."

"They are high motor guys and they played really hard. Credit to them, they played their hearts out."

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