One Visit Down for Harrell

Tampa (FL) linebacker Anthony Harrell has finished one official visit. Will State get one down the road? Pack Pride has the latest.

Three-star Florida linebackerAnthony Harrell has taken his first official visit of the recruiting process and he appears close to setting up two more trips.

West Virginia was the first school the 6-3, 215-pound linebacker officially visited and apparently the trip went well for Harrell. That's what he told Pack Pride when we caught up with him last week. Though he did not elaborate on that official visit too much, he said enough to make it clear the Mountaineers did a good job of putting their best foot forward and making their school seem like an attractive destination.

"I visited West Virginia last weekend," he said, referring to the weekend of October 9th when West Virginia defeated UNLV 49-10. "I liked it a lot. Everything was great. I liked everything I saw."

West Virginia has been a school that has been recruiting Harrell for a long time and it's clear he is a priority at linebacker for the school. Plenty of other schools, including NC State, also see Harrell as important to their recruiting efforts in the class. He plans on setting up two more official visits in the near future

"I'm probably going up to NC State sometime soon," he noted. "I don't know the date but I'll be up there soon. I'll probably go to Vanderbilt, too."

Harrell confirmed that both trips would probably be official visits. Is there a chance he will take his fourth and fifth visits as well, as NCAA rules permit?

"I don't know yet but it's a possibility," he said. "I've just got to wait 'til I get there and see what happens."

Harrell said he has been keeping up with how all of the schools recruiting him have been doing on the field this season, especially the three schools mentioned above, and he said he has been impressed with how each of them has performed.

NC State is still a school that Harrell is giving a lot of thought to. Aside from being impressed with how the Pack has performed so far this year he has built an excellent relationship with the coaching staff and appreciates the fact that they have been consistently showing him a high level of interest.                            

"I'll probably give coach Swepson a call soon," he said. "I've been talking to them about once a week I guess. I've always been liking them. That hasn't changed at all."

Harrell said he will not be making a decision in the immediate future so there does not appear to be a risk that he will announce his destination before taking the other official visits he mentioned above.

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