Rieskamp: 'There were a lot of lessons'

Jeff Rieskamp talks about what the Pack learned from the East Carolina loss and how the team is preparing for Florida State's running attack.

On watching film of the ECU game

"We didn't come out to play really – whether we were too confident or coming into the game thinking we had it won. Whatever it was we need to fix all our mistakes and just put it behind because we have the next game coming up."

On lessons learned from the loss

"Losing stinks, I guess. There were a lot of lessons we learned, I think everybody individually learned something about themselves that game. Watching the tape everybody just needs to correct their mistakes. I could have gotten off the ball better; we could have done a lot of things. But that's all behind us; we have to look forward from here."

On how the team has looked after a few days off to rest

"We looked good today. People really took the last loss to heart, nobody want to do that again. Everyone is really working hard to keep the mistakes down."

"A couple of days off really rejuvenated us – we feel pretty good. Let all the injuries the heal."

On stopping the Florida State running attack

"We are going to have to be explosive on the front line and really get some pressure. Just do our jobs and play like we know we can."

On containing Ponder

"We just have to keep our responsibilities and really just stay at home if we have to stay at home and carry the blitz if we blitz. We all faith in the system that it's going to take us on the right course."

On how he's doing halfway through the year

"It feels to get back on the field but I know I can improve always. It feels great to get back in the game with everybody."

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