O'Brien Talks FSU

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Florida State.

Tom O'Brien

"It's a combination of both. Certainly he's getting extra attention this year that he hasn't gotten in the past but I also think it's a product that if he's not covered the quarterback is going to throw it to someone else. Whoever is next in the progression. It's a situation where both have come into play."

"The team used it wisely. I think we were fatigued, both mentally and physically. Seven game stretch caught up to some of them, especially the younger ones. It catches up to you. We did a good job off the field, academically, we tried to get a lot of guys ahead."

"There is enough maturity on this football team and certainly we weren't real happy about our performance in the last game. But the first half of the season is over so that's over with. We're back into five games here at the end of the year, they are all conference games and obviously this is a big game for our bracket of the conference going forward so they can see the prize and understand how important things are."

"When you watch Florida State through the years it's similar to watching Virginia Tech. They just punch guys in, different names different numbers but same kind of guys, athletes."

"He's done a nice job. I don't know if he hurt himself in the last game or whatever but he's really smart and he manages the offense. I think they ask him to do a lot at the line of scrimmage, it seems like there are a lot of changes here or there. With the offense they are in the quarterback really has to be a smart guy. He obviously is able to do those things."

"They look very athletic on tape. They had a hiccup the second game of the year but a lot of people have hiccups playing the game so we'll see how it goes Thursday night."

"I have no idea. Whenever they asked Coach Welsh that he would say I hope not so I'll say the same thing. I'd rather play good defense."

"It should help them a lot. It's a different rotation in the week. Today was Monday but it was a Wednesday practice. Tomorrow is Tuesday but it's a Thursday practice. You get into the week and then Thursday night and you spend all day at the hotel and you have to watch soap operas because college football isn't on. Being able to play at night and in front of these fans is a lot of fun and I think we've worked hard to put ourselves in this position."

"It's the second half of the year and we're in a position to make a run at this thing. You can't ask anymore of this football team except to show up on Thursday night and play a great football game. We're going to have to be perfect on Thursday night to win and I think we know that."

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