Big Game for Grant

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State cornerback Gary Grant discussed the upcoming game against Florida State with Pack Pride.

How important was the week off you guys had last week? Were you able to get some rest and get your legs ready for Thursday night?
"It was really important. But besides that, Florida State had a week off so it's going to be a great game. It's going to be titans against titans, that's how we're taking it. We're taking it as like the ACC Championship, that's how we feel, it's that big."

At this point all the focus is on FSU, but what were you guys able to learn from watching the ECU film that you can use against the Seminoles and moving forward?
"It taught us a whole lot. We have to build our confidence and become stronger. We didn't take ECU as seriously, especially early in the game. Toward the second quarter we all started noticing how big the game was and we started to build up, but it was a tough loss."

How have things been going with your progression at corner?
"I feel like I'm building up and trying to work toward a starting spot. I'm building my way up so it all depends on how the coaches feel. But I feel like I've been working real well from spring practice until now."

What did the week off allow you guys to do with the depth chart and figuring out who would play against FSU?
"They wanted to see which guys were going to step up last week. Last week was like a camp in season so there was no depth chart, it was just who works hard. Whoever works the hardest will be on the field."

Who did you pull for growing up in Florida? Are there any extra feelings you have playing against Florida State?
"In-state, Miami. Coming up in high school, Florida State never offered me so I feel like this is a big game for me."

Talk about the special teams play this year as opposed to last year and what a difference that has made.
"Last year we gave up two kick returns and we've given up two this year but I feel like we're more of a unit on the kickoff team. We've become a much better unit."

With FSU's balanced approach on offense, what is the key for the secondary this week?
"Basically, reading your keys in the offensive line, reading the guards. Don't give up trick plays. We're just going to defend the pass the best we can and not give up any deep passes. FSU might want to attack the perimeter after watching our ECU film so we've been working on that all week."

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