Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Florida State.

Tom O'Brien

"A normal game here in Carter-Finley. I'll tell you these kids, that was a great effort."

"Certainly coming out in the third period, playing the way we did."

"Basically we both ended up throwing the same pass at the end of the game. We ended up completing ours and they didn't so that was the difference in the game."

"We weren't real fired up about kicking the field goal... I couldn't see exactly where the ball was. Dana kept saying it's six inches... sometimes in spite of myself we win games."

"We came out in the game and played pretty good in the first half, and as I said I think the fumble turned the game around in their favor and got us back on our heels."

"There was some leadership on this football team at halftime and we knew were going to chip away one play at a time."

"The goal was to stay out of third-and-long, and we were able to do it."

"The week off I think came at the perfect time. There were a whole bunch of guys who did a lot of soul-searching on this football team, and they came out today and were in a refuse-to-lose attitude."

"Sometimes as a football team we're not pretty, we just grind it out and grind it out."

"The only thing that happens now is we've got to go through it again. You get the honor of going to Clemson, and you have to win. We're in a must-win mode each and every week if we want to go to Charlotte."

"We've never... I don't know where you get this [that] we told [Russell Wilson] not to run. That's the most absurd thing on the face of the earth. They came up the field and tried to keep him in the pocket. What he did do a good job of today was stepping up in the pocket."

"No one has ever told him not to run the football."

"We played a very significant game against a leader on our side in a game, late October on a Thursday night... as I said before, we have to do it again."

"We've got three of the next four on the road. We don't have an easy road to go in order to get to Charlotte. If Florida State doesn't lose again, and maybe they won't, we've got to win out."

"It's exciting. It's what we came here for. We fought through this thing. Six wins is significant. There's been one winning season here in the last six years. It's pretty amazing to be in the situation we're in and to be able to continue this, but we've got to go to Death Valley and make it happen again."

"He was rested and he certainly has a knack for making people miss."

"We went all out blitz. It was all or nothing. They actually went unbalanced."

"We made a play finally at the end of the game and that was a great thing for our football team."

"There's 11 guys on the field. They have their job to do."

"We've got to give them a couple of days off to rest and get this out of their system because starting Sunday we've got to get ready to go to Death Valley."

"Earl Wolff seemed to be in a lot of places, and making a lot of tackles. He showed up a lot."

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