Wilson Expects Hostile Environment

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Russell Wilson met with the media following practice Wednesday and discussed Saturday's game with Clemson.

What do you remember about last year's game with Clemson? What went wrong?
We didn't capitalize on a few plays on offense and that's something that we have to do in this game. You have to credit their defense last year and they have a great defense this year, so it's one of those type of things where you try to learn from it and get better.

Clemson has had a strange season and lost some close games. What is your impression of them heading into the game? Are they the same as you've seen them recently?
Yeah, definitely. It all starts with the guys up front, they have a talented defensive line and they have an athletic linebacker crew and lockdown defensive backs. It's definitely going to be a challenge for us, we've got to be up for it. We're excited to go down there.

Having played in Death Valley in 2008, talk about the atmosphere there.
It's exciting, it's one of the best places to play in the conference and in the country. It's going to be loud and one of those type of games where you have to be focused every single play and stay in the now.

Although the fans will be cheering against you, is there a way to build off the excitement of the overall atmosphere?
Definitely. Personally I like playing away. It's always exciting to go in somebody else's place and get to play on their field and everything. Especially when you have a crowd like that where they are excited, that's what you play football for. It's going to be a great game.

Is it more gratifying to quiet a road crowd than to make Carter-Finley explode?
Both are pretty exciting but no matter what, the key is winning. no matter whether you are playing home or away, that's our focus. 100 yards is 100 yards, whether it's in Richmond, Va. or Clemson or here in Raleigh, NC.

On the fourth down play against Florida State, did you tell Coach O'Brien how close you guys were?
I think he knew how close we were, it was just whether it was the right decision or not. Whether to tie the game up or go for the high risk, high reward type situation. I'm glad we went for it. I had come to the sideline and said 'Coach I think we can get it' and the coaches had already been conversing about it and wanted to go for it. The whole stadium wanted to go for it so we hoped we could get that one inch, one yard.

Is this the type of game where you have to completely ignore Clemson's record?
Clemson is a great team, you can't always look at the record. They have great players, they've lost a lot of close games so their record is a little bit deceiving. They have great players and when you put on the film you notice it. We haven't done the best that we could against them in the past but we have to focus on us right now and execute the offense, defense and special teams.

Were you surprised at all with the amount of open space you had to run in Thursday night against Florida State?
I'm not surprised. Once I get running I know I can run a little bit. I just try to take what the defense gives me and if that's there then I'll take it. I'm a pass guy first, I like distributing the ball to the true playmakers and if I can get a few yards here and there, get a first down or a touchdown, then I'll try to do that.

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