Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

CLEMSON, SC -- Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following the Pack's loss to the Tigers 14-13 on Saturday afternoon.

Tom O'Brien

"Certainly a tough day for us. We had our chances, you have to give their defense credit, that's as solid a defense as we've played all year. We had our opportunities to make plays and we couldn't make them on offense. We kept them in the game."

"Our defense played really well, our special teams reared its ugly head again today and when we had to contain a kickoff after we got the momentum back we didn't do it and let them back in the ball game."

"It's a tough day, we lost our destiny but we're still in it. Somebody has to help us now so we have to get ready to go play our last home game and still have to win out. You win out and see what happens. Somebody helps out we'll be on our way to Charlotte."

"They're so powerful up front. Our guys had trouble up front. We had some opportunities and had a chance and when you play a defense like that and you're overmatched sometimes like we were you have to make those plays."

"Give their defense credit."

"I punted on fourth and one because I didn't think we'd punt the ball four yards. You punt the ball inside the 10-yard line like you are supposed to, you use your timeouts, which we did, you get the ball back with over three minutes. That's plenty of time to go win a football game."

"We didn't make it on third and one so I didn't have a lot of faith we would have made it on fourth and one."

"It was a good defensive effort but we won as a team and we all lose as a team."

"We had to make plays when we had chances against a defense like this."

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