Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CLEMSON, SC -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's 14-13 loss to Clemson on Saturday afternoon.

Russell Wilson

"We definitely had some good opportunities there and we just have to capitalize on them and learn from it."

"They played well, they played well in the first half. We just have to capitalize on the opportunities, we had them, and we just have to move on from them."

"You can't get too frustrated about it, you have to move on and stay in the now. Stay on one play at a time. We did that for the most part we just have to keep pushing it."

"You trust Coach O'Brien to make the right decision. I always want to go for it because I have so much confidence in our offense, just in general."

"Good play by No. 2. He came across and made a good play on it. It's something I have to watch on film and figure out what we can do about it next time."

"We're fine. We should of won that game to be honest with you. If we capitalize on the opportunities I truly honestly don't believe Clemson had a shot."

Mustafa Greene

"It's a big blow, we needed this win. We just have to look forward to the next game."

"They picked up their intensity in the second half and we just weren't ready for it."

"We knew we can score we just have to go do it."

"Yeah I got it it was just my fault."

Terrell Manning

"We just had too many mistakes."

"Everything was scheme. We went in there, watched film as a linebacker, as a defensive unit so we came in prepared. We had a few things we put in to help us out so all things go to the coaching staff."

"It hurts. As a football team we've never really been in a position like this and now for us to just come out here and give it up, it hurts a lot. We still have to keep our heads up."

"When we get a team like this you have to be able to put your foot on their throat and we didn't do that. We didn't have the killer's mentality that we usually have."

JR Sweezy

"You have to give it to Clemson. They played a heck of a ball game."

"It's real frustrating. We had control of our destiny, control of what we were going to do, and now we have to rely on someone else to see what we're going to do."

"It definitely was, but that's football sometimes. We didn't make some plays, they didn't make some plays. But at the end of the day they came out on top."

"I guess you can say it kind of felt that way. I felt like we could have beat them by a couple touchdowns, but once again, I have to give it to their defense."

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