Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media following the Pack's exhibition win over Pfeiffer on Tuesday night.

Sidney Lowe

"Obviously our guys made some shots."

"They are good basketball players and are very talented. You saw that in terms of some of the things they can do, but again, they are learning. It's going to be a learning curve and you can't get to excited about it. I'm excited about having them, don't get me wrong."

"Before all is said and done they are going to be very good."

"Balance, it's balance. Those three guys on the floor, any one of them can sort of take over games and carry you a little bit, which is different for us. We haven't had that during my tenure. They can make plays."

"Rich has been great. We saw that when he came in this summer. He really worked hard getting into great shape."

"We jacked up a couple of threes which is what we did, and that's the wrong thing to do. That's what they want you to do."

"We needed to be a little more patient."

"We just had to get a timeout and talk about it a little bit."

"Offensively I didn't have to whistle too much."

"Ryan is a special young man. He plays that position, mentally, he knows. He understands what we're doing... he's in control of it, and I think as time goes on he'll show that even more."

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