Wilson Unsure About Future

Quarterback Russell Wilson met with the media Wednesday and discussed Senior Day and Saturday's game with Wake Forest.

Who will be down on the field with you Saturday?
"I believe my mom, brother, sister and my fiance will be here for it."

What will that moment be like for you?
"It's going to be exciting. It's been great playing here, and I have another year of eligibility too. I think Coach [O'Brien] wants me to go out there just in case something happens and I don't come back, but I do have another year of eligibility. The main thing is I'm just going to be so focused on the game, that will be what I'm focused on more than anything."

What is it like to go out there with those guys who you came in with?
"It will be exciting. It's a pleasure, it's a blessing to have this opportunity, to be awarded a scholarship in the first place to go to a great school like NC State. That's how I look at it."

You do have a year left, are you any further into that decision process?
"I'm not sure yet. I'm focused on Wake Forest. I'll follow where the Lord take me to. If it's here, awesome. If it's somewhere else, awesome. It's going to be a great situation for me no matter what. But I'm focused on winning against Wake Forest, that is the most important thing."

Have the Rockies talked to you at all about when they want to know something?
"We haven't talked about any of that. I'm focused on winning games, they understand that, NC State understands that. I'm in a great situation."

How much of a focus has red zone offense been this week?
"Not necessarily anymore than usual. We always work on the red zone stuff, we just have to be better and be more efficient. Just execute the plays, that is really what it is. We have all the confidence in the world."

Do you have any sense of what has gone wrong in the red zone?
"A couple of turnovers here and there, just pressing as an offense as whole and just executing the plays. We just have to do a little bit better job. Sometimes the defense makes a great play, that type of thing. We just have to get in the end zone."

Coach Bible talked about how the end line plays a big role in the red zone and helps the defense. How much more compressed are things and how much tougher does it make it?
"Yeah, things are a lot tighter. Coach Bible always says the 12th man is the best player on the field, he doesn't move he doesn't budge. The end line obviously. We just have execute better and get the ball in the end zone."

What challenges does the 3-4 defense present?
"Their linebackers are really athletic. Their defensive line is a little bit smaller but they are quick. Wake Forest relies on their toughness every single play and they play hard. We just have to get first downs when we can."

What about the Carter-Finley experience do you enjoy?
"More than anything, just how the fans are so intense all the time. It's another Wolfpack first down and when they do the howl when they score a touchdown. I hear them out on the field running around. You know it's a first down and then you hear it.

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