Pack Pride Pick 'Em: Week 11

Pack Pride brings back our popular feature where our employees and a couple of local writers select college football winners throughout the 2010 season.

Each writer is asked to pick six games a week, with one pick being designated as the "lock of the week." Each correct pick receives one point. Each "lock of the week" picked correctly receives two points. Picks are made against the spread, and the spreads used are from the beginning of the week when lines are originally posted.

All picks will be posted here on the day before games begin. The following week, results will be posted from the previous week's picks, including updated rankings so our members can see who truly knows college football.

In addition, is also allowing one NC State fan a week (each week it will be someone different) to post their picks against the competitors. To have a chance to be that fan, visit the Premium Football Message Board during the week for details.


James Henderson (Pack Pride Editor-in-Chief)

Steve Williams (Pack Pride Recruiting Analyst)

Austin Johnson (Pack Pride Writer)

Scott Vogelsberg (Pack Pride Writer)

Jason Cole (Pack Pride Photographer)

Jeff Reeves (Pack Pride Photographer)

Jim Young (

Jack Daly (Freelance Writer)

Congratulations to Samuel Davis from Greensboro, North Carolina for being this week's fan entry!

Week 11: Pack Pride Pick 'Em
Writer Wake Forest at
NC State (-18.5)
Virginia Tech (-3.5) at
North Carolina
at Florida State (-6)
Maryland (-1.5)
at Virginia
Miami (-3) at
Georgia Tech
Boston College (-3.5)
@ Duke
James Henderson
(PP Editor)
NC State Virginia Tech Florida State Virginia MIAMI Duke
Steve Williams
(PP Recruiting
Wake Forest Virginia Tech Florida State UMD Georgia Tech Boston College
Austin Johnson
(PP Writer)
NC State VT Florida State Virginia Georgia Tech Boston College
Scott Vogelsberg
(PP Writer)
Wake Forest VT Florida State Maryland Georgia Tech Boston College
Jason Cole
(PP Photographer)
NCSU Virginia Tech Clemson Maryland Georgia Tech Boston College
Jeff Reeves
(PP Photographer)
Wake Forest UNC Florida State Maryland Miami Duke
Jim Young
WAKE Virginia Tech Clemson Maryland Miami Duke
Jack Daly
(Freelance Writer)
Wake Forest Virginia Tech Florida State UMD Georgia Tech Duke
Samuel Davis
(The Fan)
NC State North Carolina CLEMSON Virginia Miami Boston College

* Lock of the Week picks for each writer are bolded and in all caps.


The Fan               (35-25-0)           40 pts
Jack Daly             (34-26-0)           40 pts
Jason Cole            (32-28-0)           39 pts 
Steve Williams        (33-27-0)           37 pts
Jim Young             (28-32-0)           33 pts
James Henderson       (28-32-0)           31 pts
Austin Johnson        (27-33-0)           31 pts
Scott Vogelsberg      (28-32-0)           30 pts
Jeff Reeves           (24-36-0)           29 pts  

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