Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, NC -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following NC State's 38-3 win over Wake Forest on Saturday afternoon.

Tom O'Brien

"Well it certainly was a good day for our seniors, it's gratifying to see the kids play as hard as they did. The game went as expected, it was a dogfight. Wake has a great coaching staff and they would find something to do, they tried to keep the ball away from us in the first half. We just had to hang in there."

"In the running game he had a lot of opportunities and he certainly made the most of them. The key ones were at the start of the second half. We got off the field in three downs and got the ball back to the offense. It's a great day for Nate."

"Russell practiced as well this week as anybody. Russell is a great leader and his presence on the practice field was something to behold. I think everyone on offense was afraid to make a mistake today."

"The good thing about today is that you've won seven games. It's the first time since 2003 they've won seven regular season games here, so that's a big deal."

"I think he really did a great job for never having been in a college football game and being a true freshman. Other than the one duck hook he threw out there on the kickoff, he elevated the ball and put the ball through the uprights. He was better than I expected. I was really happy with what he did."

"That's what you try to do. That was the plan, and it's great that it worked out. That was huge and then certainly the turnover, that was probably the turning point. It became a whole different game from then on."

"The key is will we be good next week? We have been up and down. We did a good job today getting the ball in the end zone but it's a constant struggle for us. It's something we'll pay attention to this week."

"They kept us in there in the first half. Stopping them and making them kick a field goal and then stopping them there at the end of the half to keep it a one touchdown game. That was a huge stop on that fourth down."

"I didn't think we played as well today. We gave up too many yards we shouldn't be giving up. They came out in two tight ends and one back and tried to run it down our throats and in some cases they did. That's not good. We have to continue to work hard and get better."

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