Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the Pack's 38-3 win over Wake Forest on Saturday.

Russell Wilson

"I try to do that every single week. It meant a lot to the guys who have come up with Coach O'Brien and it meant a lot to the coaches but also that we have seniors who have been through ups and downs and we got through it. We have a great team and we stick together."

"It was exciting. I don't know if I'm coming back or not yet, but it's a special moment and it's definitely a blessing for me."

"We still have more yards, more completions and more touchdowns to get."

"We were definitely better. I'll have to look at the film and see how we did but we improved and all we have to do is keep working at it."

"The defense did a great job. They played hard the whole night. It's tough when guys are running the ball every single play but you have to be mentally into it and physically into it and they did a great job."

Nate Irving

"It was a credit to the defensive line and the coaches. They came up with a great game plan and the defensive line established the line of scrimmage."

"I was just playing to the whistle. I try to do it every time. I didn't hear a whistle so I kept going."

"After the game I thought about it but before the game I just approached it as another game. Just to get out there and perform."

"I think about it all the time. In the meetings last night Coach Swepson brought it up just to remind the team. He reminded the team what I went through and how I had a second chance and he wanted me to take advantage of it. It's something I think about every day."

Owen Spencer

"This is a great win for our seniors – this is the way we wanted to go out."

"I saw the tape and I saw the way they played – when I thought about getting the ball in my hands I knew i just had to run like I usually run. Get ope and don't get anybody catch me."

Jarvis Williams

"We just go we have to keep momentum and focus in practice because the home team will have the crowd behind and it will probably be their last home games."

"We all just bought into this program as seniors – they did a great job pushing everybody through the spring, the summer workouts and in camp. We just made sure everybody was on a mission."

Earl Wolff

"The game went very well. It was our seniors last game at Carter-Finley Stadium and I felt like I stepped up and did my job today."

"It was a stinger, a pretty bad one too. At first I felt it and stood back up, but I decided to go out."

"Coach O'Brien always says take it one game at a time and since Wake Forest is over, he's probably game-planning right now. We're all ready, it's going to be a big game."

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