PC: Irving And Gentry Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Nate Irving and Taylor Gentry met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game with North Carolina

Nate Irving

"It's a big game for the team and myself. We have a lot at stake and we have to win out to do what we need to do."

"A lot of people keep bringing it up to me but I haven't talked about it much because i just thought it was another game. I'm just trying to make plays for my team."

"It's a rivalry game. I cant say it's just another game. You can throw the records at the window. Each team is going to come out and give it 110 percent."

"We care about the next game in general, so of course we're going to care about it."

"With me, at the beginning of every game, it takes me a play or two to settle down. I come into the game with butterflies until I get a few plays under my belt."

"I probably will because a lot of things are going to happen throughout the week and with a rivalry game emotions will be high."

"The only thing is what guys in the locker room think. We all thought we'd be 10-0 at this point. We had a good offseason and guys were executing better than we had in the past."

Taylor Gentry

"I grew up watching UNC and State play so my family has been around. We take it to heart, but to me, it's just another football game. My family, they love it just as much as anybody else does."

"You have to view it that way. In a rivalry game both teams show up to play so you don't won't to overtype the game too much. It's a football game, you have to go out and play it."

"It's more of a championship game. If we win Saturday and then next week then we can play for the ACC Championship."

"State views UNC more as a rival and UNC views Duke more as a rival, I don't know if that's true or not."

"We have a lot more team camaraderie. We did more team building exercises and I think that helped a lot. In the past, we weren't as close as a team and that effected the way we play. It's definitely helped us out."

"The early start helped show us what we could do."

"One thing they have going for them is they have veteran players back. They have a lot of speed and size in the linebacking group. They've stepped it up."

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