O'Brien Proud Of His Team

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Maryland.

Tom O'Brien

"They told me on the field it was a flagrant foul. It was obviously disqualifying for the rest of the game but I don't expect to hear from the conference one way or another. We're going forward and he's going to play."

"It's probably good that school is out and everybody leaves so they don't have to listen to how good they are or what a great victory or whatever it was at Carolina."

"The key now is to focus on Maryland."

"They've been very good at forgetting whether they won or lost and focusing in on what they have to accomplish that week."

"We've got a chance to accomplish something really special."

"Now they will believe me because it is the last game. It is the championship game of the Atlantic Division."

"We already have accomplished something special with the eight wins and five wins in conference, but the neat part is we get to keep going and try to do something else, something more special."

"We put four weeks together in a row to start the season."

"The tough part is going on the road three of the last four weeks. It is what it is. We've got to go to College Park and win a football game against a good team that has had a special year in their own right."

"With everybody leaving campus, hopefully it will give us more time to spend to get focused on what we have to do."

"They understand that they have to grind it out and keep playing, and they believe something good is going to happen. That's been the history of our season so far, something good has happened for us."

"We're going out to the Angus Barn. They do a great job for us. They take good care of us."

"They'll put together a line, you'll know that."

"Like us, they are healthier, they are playing with more confidence, and they have been having some success."

"I think in year four this is where you want to be. You're fighting for a conference title. You have the opportunity to be a special football team in football history because of the win total but not only in the ACC conference but your total number of wins. I think that's where you want to be."

"You have faith they are going to turn around."

"Certainly the assistant coaches get a lot of credit. They've done a fabulous job this year and these kids have executed the plan. We kind of got a little out of whack the second half against Virginia Tech, but for the most part we've done what we've had to do and played hard."

"I think in year four you ought to be where we are as a program."

"You have to be competitive first, and until you're competitive you're not going to be a champion."

"I think that we have, as a team for the most part, improved each and every year that we've been here with the exception of last year and we were just devastated with injuries last year."

"I think the officials did a great job. I think they got control of the game."

"What I'm really pleased is the last two years we've been punched, and our kids haven't retaliated. I can only coach my football team. You get into that situation, and their first reaction is to retaliate, and they haven't done it. It shows the discipline we now enjoy and the character we have in our program."

"Everybody knows there is talk. Everybody talks in the game."

"In fact we took George Bryan out of the game Saturday because he was on the verge of an incident."

"I'm proud of the way that our kids have handled the situation after being punched two years in a row."

"I think the conference knows about it. If they want to do something that's up to them."

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