O'Brien: "I'm Just So Happy"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien met with reporters following NC State's 56-41 win over Maryland.

Tom O'Brien

"I'm really happy for the seniors. This is a transition year and transition years... as you build programs, and doing this the fourth time, are the hardest. You're caught in that year where you don't have a lot of seniors."

"I think our immaturity showed early. We tried to hard. We played too tight and we tried to avoid that all week... we've just got to play the game."

"We fumbled the first three possessions and we don't fumble that much."

"Coach Cowher came a couple of years ago and talked to the team... he says all the time, adversity doesn't build character, it reveals character. When this football team was 2-3, there wasn't a lot of people who believed we could win five out of seven games."

"You buckle your chin strap, you go to work and start grinding."

"If you have character, you're able to withstand anything."

"I'm just so happy. Someone said it was the second-greatest comeback. I don't want to be a part of the first."

"You have to give these kids... winning this game, seven from where we were, is a helluva an accomplishment for this football team after those two games where we had nobody left to play after Cincinnati and Georgia Tech."

"I think this all speaks very positive heading forward."

"He had some throws I know he wants back, but he kept firing."

"The longer we went no huddle, the harder it was for them to pass rush and the better the pass protection got."

"The mindset was fine... you can get on their tails all you want, but you better give them a plan for how they can get out of the hole."

"One play at a time, just play the game."

"You can't make it all up at one time."

"The difference is the wideouts are more involved in the offense. The more involved they are and the more they catch, the less they can double-team George. He started off the first couple of games being triple-teamed."

"Tony Creecy had a great day."

"I get after them when I first get in the locker room. That's when it is the freshest."

"I think we pressed too hard and tried to make too many plays instead of just playing the defense the way it is supposed to be played."

"We're not experienced enough to handle that kind of pressure."

"I never thought it was over. As long as we've got time and a quarterback who can throw the ball and kids that can catch. We would have thrown it 55 more times if we had to."

"If the fans want to go to Charlotte then I hope we go to Charlotte. I can go to Charlotte. I like not flying places."

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