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<b>Tom Sorensen:</b> Doherty didn't just up and resign Tuesday morning. He was told Monday night he was going to be fired. If you quit because you're about to be fired, does that still count as a resignation?... The truth is that the athletic department wanted Doherty out. The big-bucks boosters wanted him out. The Dean Smith disciples called the family wanted him out. The former players who no longer had access to the tickets they thought were theirs for life wanted him out.<br>

N.C. State's baseball team to play in refurbished Doak Field
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Wolfpack finally returns home
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Second Annual Torry Holt Golf Classic Set for April 14

Offer On The Table For Morrissey
Dave Telep * The Strutting Wolf

Doherty leaves UNC
Hermann Wendorff * Fayetteville Observer

UNC tradition takes beating since Smith left
Brett Friedlander * Fayetteville Observer

And again at No. 1: Williams
Caulton Tudor * News & Observer

Smoke clears, Doherty is out the door like magic
Lenox Rawlings * News & Record

Dominique Wilkins interviewed for the Georgia Job
Associated Press

Gen. Richard B. Myers, Chairman Transcript

Saddam Hussein: 'Victory Is at Hand'
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Baghdad battle tonight
Evening Standard

I would love to comment. My view of those reports -- and since I don't know who you're quoting, who the individuals are -- is that they're bogus. There is -- I don't know how they get started, and I don't know how they've been perpetuated, but it's not been by responsible members of the team that put this all together. They either weren't there, or they don't know, or they're working another agenda , and I don't know what that agenda might be. It is not helpful to have those kind of comments come out when we've got troops in combat, because first of all, they're false, they're absolutely wrong, they bear no resemblance to the truth, and it's just -- it's just -- harmful to our troops that are out there fighting very bravely, very courageously.

I've been in this process every step of the way as well. There is not one thing that General Franks has asked for that he hasn't gotten on the time line that we could get it to him. And it wasn't because of a late finding. It might be because we didn't have a, you know, a ship or something. But, I mean, it's not -- it's been for mechanical reasons, not because of administrative reasons, I can guarantee you that. Every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed up to this plan and the way it was executed from the first day, and they'll be signed up to the last day, because we still think it's a good plan. Every member of General Franks' component commanders signed up to this plan as it was changed over time, and as it finally came down to be the one we went to war with. And they all stood up, and they gave a thumbs up to the plan.

So there may be others that have other ideas of how we should have done it. And I -- and, you know, God bless them, that's a great sport here inside the beltway. And I suppose if I -- when I retire, I'll probably have my comments, too: Gee, they ought to have more air power. (Laughter.) I wish the secretary would say we ought to be more air power-centric, perhaps. But I've never heard him say that --

General Myers.

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