Academic Support Receives N4A Certification

RALEIGH, N.C. - Carrie Leger, Associate Athletic Director for Academics and Student Services, announced today that NC State's Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes has received certification from the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A).

"There are several reasons that we sought this accreditation," said Dr. Paul Williams, chair of the Faculty Academic Committee of the Athletics Council, who was heavily involved in the process. "By being accredited you force yourself to have a set of standards by which you are always accountable.

"Secondly, our academic support staff is exceptional," said Williams. "Not only do we meet all of the minimum standards, but we meet a great many of the ideal standards.

"This was a great process for our academic support program; it really gives us an opportunity to showcase the outstanding program and staff that we utilize for the academic support of student-athletes at NC State."

N4A certification verifies that an academic support program can offer basic services to student-athletes in accordance with the N4A guidelines. It is obtained by undergoing a process of operations self-study and an outside site review of the program itself.

Normally, schools apply for certification to confirm the reputation of their academic support program -- demonstrating that the unit has the knowledge, practice and procedures in place to assist student-athletes toward the ultimate goal of graduation.

During the certification process, a consultant is sent to the school to conduct an on site review, where he or she reports on findings, makes recommendations for improvement, and ultimately confirms or denies certification.

In NC State's case, Dr. Gerald Gurney, Senior Associate Athletic Director at Oklahoma, served as consultant for the on site review, with many faculty members, coaches and student-athletes participating in the process.

In the end, Gurney recommended that NC State's academic support program be nominated and confirmed for certification, which will be effective for 10 years.

The NC State academic support program has a proven reputation for using industry-respected standards and practices that will best serve Wolfpack student-athletes.

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