Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke with reporters following the Pack's win over USC Upstate on Saturday afternoon at Reynolds Coliseum.

Sidney Lowe

"These guys have really been buckling down on exams and its been some long days for them so we were a little concerned about that."

"We look for that growth. They are freshman and they are going to take their lumps, and they've taken some, but to bounce back and play as well as they did today its great to see. It shows that they are staying with it – they are growing, they are learning."

"[Tracy Smith] looked good, felt good. We were hoping by the Arizona game but now they are talking about maybe a little bit sooner. We would like for him to get some action before that game."

"We gave up 38 points in the second half. I thought we relaxed a couple of times defensively on some guys. I just told our guys we have to play the same way every night, every minute we are on the floor. We can't relax – it has to become a habit, it has to become a mindset. Then when we play against the Wake Forest and Duke and Clemson and those teams then our habits will take over. But if we have bad habits against teams we feel we should beat then those bad habits are going to come out when you play your conference games."

"[Harrow] is good with the ball. He can create opportunities. He's a good passer, he can create shots for himself. Right now its just knowing when to do it."

"I thought our bigs did a great job early - CJ and DeShawn did a great job on the boards and then kicking the ball out and getting our fast break going."

"Javi was having some abdominal pains - that was his thing. He's had that for about the last four days or so."

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