O'Brien: 'They've done a nice job'

Tom O'Brien covered a range of topics following Sunday's practice, from the NFL Draft to a possible indoor practice facility in the future.

Tom O'Brien

"First thing I'd like to say, I saw the thing buried in the back of the paper the other day about our learning resources department being the first one certified by the national board in the ACC. It's a great story and a great compliment to them. They are compliant with everything on the national level as far as tutorial and tutorial services. I think it's a little bigger deal than was reported here in the last couple days."

"They are working hard. We finally figured out this year how to practice and they've done a nice job, especially in the weather conditions we've had because three of the four days have been pretty miserable."

"Everybody is getting equal amount of reps. For the first guys it's a chance to get better and work on things that we've identified they need to work on from the season."

"[Mustafa Greene] is fine, he's made every practice. If we were able to go on I think he would have been able to play the next week."

"[No junior's have approached me about early entry]. I don't think so. I haven't heard anybody mention it at all or anybody mention it at all."

"I would think Nate for sure but from there I'm not positive. We'll have to wait and see, in my experiences trying to guess what the NFL is going to do, I'm always wrong. Nate is a definite and I think other guys are on the fence."

"Quite possibly it can be. Nobody really knows. You think of the fact that when [Russell Wilson] left last time he spent the whole time around us. Who knows what's going to happen."

"We'll figure it all out when the time is right."

"[An indoor practice facility is] on the horizon, it's on the planning board, it's just a question of raising the money. It certainly hasn't been a good time to raise money. We do the best we can with the situation we're presented. The kids know I'm not going to call practice off anyway so might as well go out and have a good time and get through it."

"They like jumping in puddles, so it works out pretty good."

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