Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC - Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's win over Youngstown State on Thursday night at the RBC Center.

CJ Leslie

"We were down and it's my job to bring the energy for our team and that's what I did. I realized that everybody came out in a slump so I had to bring it out. Pick up the pace and everything."

"That was very important because we were obviously down, just by not getting back on defense, not hitting our shots. We were getting easy shots we just weren't making them. It was very important that we got that stretch because that carried over to the second half. The first five minutes of the second half we really picked it up."

"Pick up the energy, bring it. I saw that score and we were definitely not pleased by it so I came in with the mindset that we just had to pick it up and go."

"I know that Arizona is a good fast break team so we're going to work on getting back and playing our game."

"Coming out in a slump, not coming out mentally focused. We just had to pick it up."

"During halftime, I said something, Lorenzo said something. It really doesn't matter, I think anybody would say something. The walk ons say something so it comes from everybody. We're a team."

Ryan Harrow

"It was sad at first, but then we won, it's a good thing."

"We just didn't come out ready to play. It didn't start from like the game it started from practice yesterday. We weren't mentally prepared in practice yesterday and Coach told us that was the case and then we came in here thinking that we're playing Youngstown State and we just let up in the first half. But in the second half we stepped our defense up and stepped our execution up."

"I think exams definitely had something to do with it. Everybody has been studying real hard to do well in the classroom and you know, you get to lay off so much because there's no class so everybody is just laying around basically. We've been kind of lacidasical but we stepped it up in the second half."

"We know we have to play defense first and start executing our offense and getting the shots we want instead of rushing them."

"At first, I was looking to set the plays up but then Coach was like you have to start being aggressive so that's what I thought I should do. Just start going to the hole whenever I saw an open opportunity."

"They were a pretty rough team, right from the get go. We had to use that to our advantage and just take it to the hole and get the foul."

"We have to come out way better than this. We have to be ready to play. That's a good team, even though they aren't ranked they are a good team and can compete with anybody so we have to come out and play hard.

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