Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, NC -- Mark Gottfried spoke with reporters following the Pack's loss to Indiana on Wednesday night at the RBC Center.

Mark Gottfried

"Well, let me just start off and say that I think that's a missed opportunity for us. Congratulations to Indiana, I thought late in the game better than we did. Both ends of the floor. But we certainly had a lot of chances, there's no question. We played very hard, I liked how we competed but I thought we had a stretch there from about the 6-minute mark until about the 3-minute mark where we had a lot of opportunities and couldn't capitalize on them. Defensively we broke down, two or three key defensive possessions and offensively missed some free throws. Had an opportunity to break on the layup, missed that one. In that stretch the game swung, and that's disappointing but we have to learn from it, have to get better and we're going to play an awfully good schedule and games like tonight will make us better."

"I thought our games in New Jersey were all physical, and you're playing good team. Indiana is much better than they've been. We got down early in the game, they got a great start and our guys battled back, took the lead at the half and had some momentum going into the half. Coming out of the half we played very well defensively, did a nice job for the first six or eight minutes of the half and we were able to establish a lead. We did a lot of things well and then we just had a period in there where we weren't."

"We're going to have a lot of opportunities this year. That's the beauty of playing a tough non-conference schedule, you're going to have a lot of chances. That's how you get better, you learn in a game like tonight, how good defensively you have to be. We didn't guard the ball two or three trips and it hurt us. Around the basket we didn't rotate well, we didn't get a defensive rebound when we needed to get one. Those are things, you look at the tape, you watch it, you evaluate it, you teach, you coach and you are going to find yourself in these situations again. That's where you have to get better."

"I thought the [zone defense] helped us early. Defensively we were not getting stops for a number of reasons. I thought about zoning a little more in the second half but I liked our man-to-man defense. Our man defense was pretty solid for about the first 13 or 14 minutes of the second half and when that's good you don't want to change it."

"Well, it's a tough one. I don't agree with the call. You always have to be careful with what you say but I thought Scott clearly went after the basketball. That one is a little bit frustrating for me but you move on, that call didn't lose us the game. We did enough things to hurt ourselves."

"Yeah, but they did a nice job [guarding Scott Wood]. They latched on, hip to hip, and I think one observation my perspective, we can screen a little better but I thought they did a nice job. We tried to go to him three or four times but they took it away. That's something that is going to happen a lot when you have a player like Scott."

"Our fans are great. I wish we would have been able to deliver for them because their enthusiasm was terrific and I think our players fed off of that. Hopefully we're going to have a lot of nights like that and hopefully even though we were disappointed and lost they see a team that's going to compete. Our guys are going to compete hard, which they did tonight. We just have to get better and make sure we learn how to finish games."

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