Spencer Enjoying Every Moment

Owen Spencer's big-play ability has put him in elite company, but his only concern is going out a winner.

By recent standards, it's a beautiful day for football practice.

Sure, it's still below 40 degrees but after days of cold rain and wind at least the sun is shining. Either way, Owen Spencer doesn't seem to mind the weather.

"We are putting on the extra gear. It isn't too bad, you just have to deal with it," Spencer said. "We are out here every day - you get used to it."

Spencer can almost count the number of times he'll get to go out and be a part of a practice at NC State on one hand. In less than a week he'll take the field for the last time with a Block-S logo on his helmet. Until then, he's trying to absorb every moment from now until taking the field to play West Virginia in the Champs Sports Bowl.

"I've never been in this type of situation before with it being my last year," Spencer said. "It will mean a lot - you always want to win your last game. It will be the last time we ever play with a team like this - it will be bittersweet."

Spencer made his 2010 season one to remember, finishing the year with 57 receptions for 868 yards and four touchdowns. His reception and yardage totals put his 2010 season in the top-10 at NC State all-time for a single year and have helped make him one of the all-time greats at the position for the Pack.

His 123 career receptions place him seventh all-time, but with eight catches in the bowl game he'd move into the top five. His 2,397 career receiving yards places him 3rd all-time behind Torry Holt and Jerricho Cotchery, both of whom topped the 3,000 yard mark in their Pack careers.

He has no chance to catch either of those two, but he'll finish with more yards per catch than either one of them. In fact, despite a career-low 15.2 yards per reception this year, Spencer will finish as the Pack's all-time leader in that category with over 19 yards per catch.

"You want to make you're last season here at NC State a one to remember," Spencer said. "And it's not just for us seniors; it's for everybody who is a part of this team right now."

"We aren't just doing this for ourselves. We are doing it for [the alumni] also - something for them to be proud of."

The reward for all his efforts – an eight-win regular season with a chance to add one more. Oh, and Christmas in Disney World.

"I'm excited about that," Spencer said. "It's real big."

While Spencer was working on the best season of his career, he was also helping to train his heir apparent. Tobais Palmer, a 5'10" speedster who red-shirted this season, spent the Pack's open practice on Sunday wowing the crowd with his speed and play-making ability.

"He's an unbelievable talent - we are glad we got him," Spencer said. "Even when he was being recruited we knew the type of talent he had - we are very excited about what he's going to bring to the table next year."

But Palmer will have to wait until next year. Owen Spencer has one more game to go, and he wants to make it memorable.

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