WVU's Defense A Challenge for State

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Senior offensive tackle Jake Vermiglio discusses NC State's Champs Sports Bowl meeting with West Virginia.

What type of challenge does West Virginia's defensive alignment present to you guys as an offense?
Maryland ran a little bit of the same kind of defense they run but it's obviously a little bit different. It's a stack, so they can do a lot of different things. They can move the defensive linemen and then bring the linebackers in other gaps. There are just a lot of different things they can do.

It's different because they have the three down linemen but then still two guys on the outside. It's different and it definitely will present some challenges. I think we'll pick it up fine because we have so much time to go over it.

How much does the extra time help when you do have to prepare for so many different things?
"You can watch more film for sure. You can tell what guys are going to do probably before they even know what they are going to do now because you have so much time to watch film."

Talk about the athletes West Virginia has on defense. Are they comparable to anybody you've faced to this point?
Their defensive ends, especially the guy that comes in on third down, are pretty fast. The nose guard is actually deceptively good too when I've watched them on film. He seems like he's what helps the linebackers make a lot of plays. I have to watch a lot more film between now and then to make sure we know what they are doing but we've started a little bit on them.

How have the practices been so far? Has the weather had much impact on you guys?
It's cold when you first start walking over here but once you get running and moving around it's fine. Once the blood is flowing it's not that bad.

Does the excitement for the game build as you guys get closer to Dec. 28?
That's exactly how it is. I only have like a week left here total and I'm just starting to knock it down a day at a time. I can count the number of practices on two hands. Every day there is less time that I'll be able to spend time with these guys.

It probably won't really hit me until after the game when I'm not around it.

What will it be like once the game is over?
All the time spent with these guys, we're together sometimes 24 hours a day it seems like. Once this is over you'll be in the real world and you won't get to hang out with these guys every day and goof around. It's definitely going to be different.

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