Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

ORLANDO, FL -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's 23-7 win over West Virginia.

Tom O'Brien

"Certainly we're excited about the opportunity to win this football game. West Virginia is a great team, they had won nine games and would have been deserving I think of going to a BCS game from their conference. They are a ranked team and it was the opportunity, there are three schools in our conference that had opportunities to play ranked teams and we were one of them."

"Getting the ninth win I think is huge for this program, we had great leadership out of Russell [Wilson] on the offensive side of the football all year and certainly out of Nate [Irving] on the defensive side. Russell made some tremendous individual plays that gave us the opportunity to win the game and we're just fortunate to walk out of here with a victory."

"Jarvis has really grown off the field and on the field. He's matured a lot. He was elected captain this year and it spoke about the team because the team elects the captains, they know who their leaders are. He was excited about the opportunity to come back here and play in the shadow of his high school. Every day on the bus he was pointing out where his street was."

"We're not going to answer any questions about the future, we're going to enjoy tonight. It's been a great. We'll decide sometime here in the next week or so. We'll get together and figure it out but it's going to be what is best for Russell. That's what the decision is going to be so let's forget about that and let's enjoy what we have to do tonight."

"It shows progress, not only in our state but across the nation that our football team is definitely on the rise and headed in the right direction. It was flattering this year when we got ranked a couple of times but we never could hold onto it. We took some steps back, not by any lack of effort on our part, but certainly the opportunity to play a ranked team in the bowl game was big for us and anytime you can knock somebody out of the top 25 somebody else has to go back in and I hope that we did enough on TV tonight that we might attract enough votes. I think this team is deserving to be a top 25 team at the end of the year."

"We're a bunch of grinders. We knew coming in how good their defense was. You don't get to be a top defense in the country unless you are a great defense. They came with a lot of angles at us but Coach Bible and the offensive staff had a great plan for it."

"If 23 is the most points against them certainly that is a great effort and Coach Archer did a great job getting our football team ready. We hit the quarterback a lot and had him running all the time. he made some runs that hurt us but he can make plays too. It was a hard fought game on both sides and it always turns on turnovers. We created a lot tonight and that made the difference in the football game."

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