Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, NC -- Mark Gottfried met with the media following the Pack's win over Northeastern on Saturday afternoon at the RBC Center.

Mark Gottfried

"That was a good game for us. I thought a lot of different players did a lot of things well for us."

"Defensively, I thought at times we were really good. We guarded the ball screen pretty well."

"Offensively, one of our better games. We really executed our offense, what we were trying to run, especially in the second half."

"It was nice to see balanced scoring again. That's become a really good quality of our team."

"It was a good win for us."

"I think we have a team that likes to pass... they share it. I think if you look at the last four games, I think it's maybe 75 or 85 assists on 105 baskets. That's pretty incredible, our numbers. We're passing the ball to one another."

"We do have a team that likes to share the ball. That's been a really good thing for us."

"[C.J. Williams is] consistent. As you want seniors to do, his confidence is really high right now. He's playing offensively really well and defensively really solid. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He's got confidence behind the 3-point line. He made six 3-point baskets the entire year last year... he's given our team, for what he brings to the table, he's bringing a lot."

"He is a calming presence... he's a senior and a good role model I think. He helps our team have poise on both ends of the floor. He's a bigger wing player with size so he can rebound a little more and defend... I think he's playing really well right now."

"We felt confident with that group... I thought Thomas really did a nice job with his minutes. You want guys on the bench to take two or four minutes and turn it into four or six minutes."

"We've got that group of seven or eight guys right now and they are playing good basketball right now."

"In '95 when we won the national championship at UCLA we played seven... I think right now that group of seven or eight is playing good for our team."

"We got back late Tuesday night from St. Bonaventure. Yesterday we did a little bit, but not much, had to shift gears because that was an emotional win. I thought they handled it well."

"My reaction was because we executed that particular play probably as well as we had all year and he was standing out there wide open."

"All we can control is this group. We have some good things going with our team right now, and we can't allow ourselves to get off the track."

"We went there for a while and Scott was the only guy that could hit a shot and now Alex is making some three's, C.J. Williams... Lorenzo is making some. That's a good thing."

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