Lowe talks Wake Forest

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media on Friday morning about opening ACC play against Wake Forest, the team's defense and the point guard situation.

Sidney Lowe

"Our defense has been pretty good. We can still get better but I've been very pleased with it – we've held teams in the 30s (percent shooting) the last few ballgames which is one of our goals."

"I've been impressed with the times when we've done it – when we've needed to get that stop. No question that is why we've played as well as we have I guess. The defense started it."

"You just have to be aware – at any time he [JT Terrell] can make a shot. You can't ever relax on him, you have to know that he can score the ball."

"You never should be surprised when you guard him. He plays with a great deal of confidence on his shots."

"You go out with your plan and if that plan is carried out correctly – especially with a shooter – hopefully you don't get to that point where you have to [adjust]."

"[Wake] has more shooters. They have more guys that are willing to take those shots. They run a Princeton set and they look for those flare screens and those pop-backs. They have more shooters on this group than before."

"They'll pick you up and do some 1-2-2 and three-quarter court pressing. They'll do more match-up zone - before they played solid man defense. Before that they would just man up but this group will play more match-up zone."

"We coached against each other and I talked to Jeff actually when I was interviewing guys for an assistant coaching job. When I was a head coach in the NBA."

"I'm not going to say that [Ryan Harrow] wasn't asked to play defense but he didn't want to get in foul trouble and he couldn't get in foul trouble in high school. So in essence yeah he probably didn't really defense but he understands that he has to do that now, that players are better on this level and he's got to play defense in order to stay on the floor."

"He's going to continue to get better at it the more he learns and the more he plays against this level of competition."

"The young players today – they are more motivated by the offensive end. If they are going offensively then they defend and here you have to get to them understand to get it going defensively. And even if you aren't going offensively you can help the team if you defend."

"There is one thing about CJ Leslie – he gets after it."

"I don't know what I'm going to do right now [with Ryan and Javi]. What I like is that it works – Ryan has been great handling the situation, he understands exactly what I mean when I say ‘it's not important who starts its important who finishes' a ballgame."

"For me to just make a decision like that right now I just don't think it's in the best interest for our team, that's the main thing. I think Ryan also understands that – even though all players would love to start he understands the big picture. He's playing his minutes, he's helping our team a great deal playing the way he is and if it's working now why mess with it."

"To me [Javi] has done a good job for us. He's great defensively; he's getting the ball to the right people."

"He's doing fine for us. It might be a little overshadowed because Ryan has been coming in and playing well and playing a lot of minutes but the way Javi has been playing has been fine. The only thing I would say is pushing the ball."

"Yeah it's good to at least play the first one at home even though they are sending us on the road the next two times. Hopefully we can play well tomorrow and win that ballgame and start it off the right way on a positive note."

"Yes it's the first year – five years it took."

"In the conference – take 10-6? Wow, that's a tough question. I'd like to take.. how about 12? I'm just saying, I would take that a lot better. We just don't know what it's going to take, but I do think anytime a team can win 10 ballgames in our conference that's pretty good."

"It's tough because you just don't know how things are going pan out, I was being funny but I'm serious, 12-4 sounds better. I'd like to look at our team and say that we can win more than 10, absolutely."

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