Lowe Talks FSU

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media today about his team and the upcoming game against Florida State.

Sidney Lowe

"Well I think the first thing is scoring, getting off and being able to come out and hit three of those first five shots. Or maybe hit two of those first four shots and getting early stops. We've had trouble scoring and getting stops. We've had situations where we've gotten stops but just didn't score so that's really the slow start."

"We're getting good shots, when we look at the film we're getting a good look at it. We're not doing it consistently, making those first couple of baskets."

"If we're getting the shots that we want it's just a matter of us making them. The execution part is good but now we've got to convert. That's part of getting off to a good start is being able to make a couple of those early ones."

"Well, from a defensive standpoint, we have to control the boards. We have to know where shooters are. [Florida State] does have a couple of guys that can shoot the ball. [Derwin] Kitchen certainly makes them go. They can punish you in the paint area, not just with the bigs but their penetrations. We have to be solid all the way around."

"I hate to say it, but we made some mistakes. Unfortunately, it was some freshman mistakes. I'm not saying that is why we lost the game but when we're talking about execution, we didn't execute properly on defense and gave them three shots from the three point line. I give them credit but we made some mistakes and it cost us."

"I don't want to have to justify my substituting and what have you but Ryan Harrow had just played 10 minutes. Unfortunately, maybe he was a little tired. His guy was the first guy who got the three and he got another look at it on the same play and so I felt maybe he's tired, let's get Javi back in there. That's why I took him out."

"The first thing you saw is how hard [Florida State] played. Their game plan and what they were doing to take certain things away. Duke missed a lot of shots but I thought it was their effort, their man-to-man defense. They just played hard and were really into the ball game."

"Well, they are both athletic, both can play multiple positions. They both I think thrive on their energy and athleticism. But you're looking at a more experienced guy in Singleton who has learned over the years. CJ Leslie has that same potential with experience to become as good or better."

"This year, you don't know what is going to happen. You really don't. All you have to do is hang in there. You can find yourself anywhere, you just don't know. It's important that you stay focused on taking one at a time and don't panic. If we go down here and win this ball game we're up there tied for second or third. It's a long year because you just don't know what's going to happen."

"He's done a great job. [Richard Howell] has gotten better and better every couple of weeks, you see it every game. He's continued to be productive and we expected this from him and he's not done. He's going to get even better. The main thing right now is he's starting to understand who he is, and that's so important. He understands now how he can still be successful and help the team and he's bought into that and he understands that."

"You don't want play a half court game against [Florida State]. They make it tough inside but their perimeters are long. We need some easy baskets, which means we have to get some stops. That's the key."

"It was a little sore but [C.J. Leslie] is ok. He practiced today, he's fine."

"For us, our team, it would be good to get this win. To go down there and get a win on the road. If you want to finish high in this conference you have to get some on the road. This is an important game."

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