Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media following the Pack's loss to the Blue Devils on Wednesday night at the RBC Center.

Sidney Lowe

"They are a tough team. They spread you out and they make shots."

"They are very active and a good ballclub."

"We still have to do a better job defensively and get stops."

"We had some good looks early in the first half, we just didn't make shots. We had layups... I did tell C.J. to just go up strong with it."

"Tonight, I was pleased with our overall effort. That's the first thing you want, great energy and effort. That's a great team we just played. I was proud of our team's effort."

"We had C.J. [Williams] matched up against [Kyle] Singler, which was good for us. I liked having our two most active guys on the boards on the floor at the same time, C.J. [Williams] and Richard [Howell]. Ryan Harrow was good tonight. Those guys were great for us. They really came through tonight."

"Tonight was a big night for Ryan Harrow. I talked to him before the game and told him to be ready. He's a talented young man, and I wanted to give him a chance to see the game from the bench before putting him in. He had a great game tonight."

"We got the stops we needed initially, but we didn't continue. Guys were working their tails off to defend, but its deflating to give Duke second and third chances to get a tip-in. To play these guys, you have to be physical, but we didn't do that."

"We actually ran that group in practice... we need Scott on the floor so we worked on that lineup actually the last four ball games Scott's got in foul problems early and we had to take him off the floor and it changes our team. We looked at moving him to the two where he doesn't have to guard a guy as big, posting him up. I was pleased with that lineup. Obviously it gave us some energy and got us back in it."

"We need to get something going here, but urgency is every single game. We need to get a win, we need to get something going. We need to put the guys out on the floor that's going to be productive."

"We need a nice run, but it's not a panic situation, but too many of those and it will be."

"There's always something to take from a loss. You hate it, but you have to take something from it."

"It's very difficult because at the end of the day it's a loss."

"It's the worst feeling ever to lose a game. We need to feel that. We want them to feel that so you never want to feel that pain again."

"I'll say tonight they were the best shotblocking team in the country. A lot of blocks, no fouls. That's... yeah, that's all I'm going to say about that."

"It was, again we're going to reward the guys that are getting it done. We're going to reward the guys that are doing what I want them to do and are capable of doing what I want them to do and that's what we did. Now we have to really look at our team going forward. I've got to make some decisions. We're going to put the guys out there that's going to get it done for us. That's the only way we can do it."

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