AUDIO: Yow Interview on 99.9 The Fan

NC State AD Debbie Yow was on 99.9 The Fan yesterday with Adam Gold and Joe Ovies, and here is audio from the interview.

Debbie Yow Interview

"People read things in to what the AD says... we're just doing what we're supposed to be doing, which is supporting Sidney, his staff, and his team in every way possible. That's our focus."

"After the end of the season when all games are played and we really know what we're talking about there will be a review, of course."

"We're not there, we've got 12 more ACC games to play, starting Sunday with Miami at noon in the RBC Center. That's our focus, can we win the Miami game?"

"I answer every email... I think it's a matter of respect. The responses might not be very long in some cases but I try to address the issue they have."

"At this point in time the No. 1 topic is where our program is."

"This is where we are and this is what we're doing. Right now it's all about support."

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