VIDEO: Harrow Still Developing

NC State point guard Ryan Harrow discusses his progress in this exclusive video interview with

"I started off wet behind the ears."

"I thought I was talented, but I knew I'd be coming up against other talented players, and with this season going on I've learned other things."

"We've played some of the better teams and I think I'm starting to understand more."

"The game is much faster, the players are stronger, and the defense has picked up a lot. You've really got to focus on the defensive end because everybody is good on offense."

"It's good because you learn a lot of stuff from him. He teaches me the ropes and he teaches me the things he went through so I won't have to go through these same things."

"I didn't expect to play that much because my knee had been hurting so much, but I wanted to do whatever I could to help my team out. If that was me playing 34 minutes that's what I was going to do."

"It's okay, I'm getting the treatment and going to rehab, doing all the things necessary for it to get better."

"We are always trying to go out there and compete and do well against the competition. We know we just need to buckle down."

"We're good on the offensive end, that's obvious."

"I think the last two games, maybe even the last three games, we scored way more points in the second half than we did in the first half. That shows what we're capable of, but we can't wait that long to turn it on."

"We're developing together as a group... we can't always use that as an excuse. Either you know basketball or you don't."

"In high school you just outscored the other team, and that was cool, but now you've got to buckle down and get stops."

"I think once we start buckling down on defense we'll be good."

"I have to change my mindset and just play hard, and if I get a foul here or there I know somebody is going to be able to come in here."

"We need to come out and win the game, to help us with the rankings, but we also need to come out and make a statement, just to let them know that we can play and beat teams."

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