Lowe: Pack Must Rebound

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media today about his team and the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Sidney Lowe

On Consistency:
We have to work at it, continue to show it and teach it. Today was a good day in practice, we worked on a couple of things we didn't do well against Clemson. We did a lot better today and saw some good results from it. When you're trying to do something and you start to see some improvement, I think that gives you a little more confidence.

On Combating Inexperience:
Our biggest thing is learning how to play with a lead. We get out to a good lead, but some of the inexperience takes over. We might try to do too much, or deviate from the plan, as opposed to staying with it and finishing it off. There's an art to winning, and to playing with the lead. That's the area that we still need to improve.

On Whether Youth Influences Game-planning:
Youth is definitely a factor. We're seeing players and different types of pressure that we haven't seen before. We need to be better at controlling a game when we have a lead, and understanding how valuable having the ball is. We have to know that when teams are down, they're going to come harder. I know that we held the ball for too long against a Clemson team that was trapping us.

Keys Against UNC:
We have to control the defensive boards. They're very long, and we have to block them out and force them to come over our backs. If we allow them to push us under and reach over, they're going to get it, because they're that long.

Rebounding Against UNC:
We can definitely get better. We were doing that well, at one point. We have to get back to the basics of blocking people out. It has to be a consistent habit, and we try to develop that. Sometimes, you get comfortable with the fact that you're rebounding well, and you don't concentrate on getting the block out.

Using a Bigger Lineup Against UNC:
It depends on how we're playing, and how those individuals are playing together. You're definitely going to see the bigger lineup; it just depends on how effective it is. This is a game where we're going to need nine guys to play, and play well for us. They run their break, and push the ball at you, so we need to make sure to keep fresh bodies in there.

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