Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Sidney Lowe spoke with the media following the Pack's loss to North Carolina on Saturday.

Sidney Lowe

"We dug a hole for ourselves in the first half – not rebounding the basketball and giving them second opportunities."

"The initial defense wasn't bad it was just securing the ball."

"In the second half I thought their bigs really took over the ballgame with the exception of the times where Harrison Barnes hit a couple of shots."

"Lorenzo Brown – I thought he played well at the one. He did a great job for us."

"He's more of a North-South player. He showed in a tough environment against a very good team, very good players – that he could handle the situation. We will look at playing him more at the one."

"The fact that [Henson] had a couple of block had our guys looking around a little bit. We missed a lot of shots at point-blank range."

"You should be [embarrassed]. Am I? Yeah, I mean, you don't come out and play like that you. You have to play better than that. You have to come out and battle and beat people."

"You have to be able to score the basketball. We need some guys to make shots."

"When I saw [Harrow] this morning I knew he wasn't going to be able to go. He's got a bad bug, not even a cold its a bug, that's going around on our campus. We have about 25 student-athletes right now that are going through the same thing."

"They are not saviors. We can't put that kind of pressure on those kids. They are young freshman guys that have no idea what its like to play in this league – no idea. The excitement from fans and people, you like that, you understand that. But realistically you have to look at this thing, in the real world, and realize all of the great players that have come through this conference weren't great players as freshman."

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