PC: O'Brien Pleased With 2011 Class

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss his 2011 recruiting class. O'Brien also updated departures and injuries on his team and the status of quarterback Russell Wilson.

Tom O'Brien

"We finished up another recruiting season today and certainly excited about the opportunity that 19 young men will present us. We have one young man who is already enrolled in school."

"The focus from the start was that we had to solve our kicking game problems. Not problems, but the graduation of everybody concerned with our special teams. Both kicking, punting and long snappers. Each of those players that we signed we think will come in and be able to do the things we have to be able to get done on special teams."

"Same Jones is going to leave the program, it's a family situation. Sam was married a year ago, has a little baby. He came to me last spring and was concerned he might have to move closer to the in-laws. I asked him to give us the fall season and he came back and said that he thinks it would be best for him to leave and move back to Arizona."

"Colby Jackson had surgery. He had the Toney Baker, he has it again. His career will be over. We'll put in for a medical hardship for him. Both Andrew Wallace and Logan Winkles had surgery on their ACLs after the bowl. Both of them were injured pre-bowl in practice. They will probably not be ready until somewhere in the middle of October."

"I don't know. I hope we are at the stage right now that we are not going to be counting on as many freshmen as we have the last two years. There are going to be a couple, there are some intriguing guys obviously. I think it may be more of a redshirt class than it is anything and that would be best for us."

"I hope all of them come in here wanting to be the guy who can come in here and make the play in the last minute of the game that can help us get to the championship game. That is what their challenge has to be."

"It's always a question of who can learn and execute the offense or defense. Talent sometimes has to take a back seat to those guys who can execute whatever you are doing."

"Russell is going to go play baseball. Our plans are, he's not coming back. He'll be a baseball player. We have to move forward with Mike Glennon. We've planned for this day, Michael is ready to do it. We have to redo the whole passing offense losing three guys anyway so it's crucial this spring that we move forward with this football team. You can't not move forward."

"The door is always open and I think he mentioned that in his statement. He has that as an option but every day he comes over and does his cardio work and weightlifting with us and then he is doing two-a-days in baseball. He's going to be leaving to go make the Colorado Rockies. It's a great opportunity for him and so we just can't sit here and say we're going to wait for Russell. We have to move forward."

"We have a pretty good idea of what Mike Glennon can do and we have to reaffirm that. The thing that has to happen though is that when you lose half of your catches and half of your receiving yards, other guys have to step up. Being a quarterback in college is a 365 day a year job. It's a hard job."

"We certainly want to get as many as we can. That's our emphasis being the state university we try to get as many kids in the state that fit our system and the things we're trying to accomplish. Certainly that they meet the academic and character criteria."

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